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3 Tips for Helping Your New Apartment Feel Like Home

Published on January 10th, 2020 by

Moving into a new space is extremely exciting! After enlisting the work of our moving company in Chicago, you’ll want to start settling into your space and making it feel like home. Here are some tips from our team to help you navigate your new apartment!


First things first, you’ll want to declutter your new apartment after the move. Once you realize the organization that needs to take place, put on your favorite playlist and get to work! Slowly start organizing and putting items into their proper space. If you’re now living alone, you can always enlist the help of a friend to make this process easier. Don’t forget to recycle the boxes or pass them along to a friend who can use them in the future. 

Organize Furniture

Chicagoland apartments aren’t known for being especially spacious. Regardless of your apartment’s layout, you’ll want to focus on allowing in as much natural light as possible and keeping furniture on the edge of the room to avoid creating any roadblocks. 

Get Creative

Finally, give your apartment some personality by hanging up some of your favorite artwork to decorate the walls or even hang shelves for plants, books and other decorations. 

Trust your gut to help your apartment feel like your own!

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