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5 Tips for Moving in the Summer

Published on July 3rd, 2013 by

Moving in the summertime is ideal for many families. It’s nice outside, children are out of school, and the long days can give you the extra energy to push through the packing/unpacking. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has 5 tips to help you beat the heat and have a successful summer move.

1) Book Aaron Bros. Early!

The summer is the busiest time for moving companies. Although Aaron Bros. tries our best to accommodate emergency and last minute moves, it’s always a good idea to reserve your time slot in advance, especially if you are planning to move around the end or beginning of the month.

If your timing is flexible, consider moving mid-month when our calendar is less full and when we can offer “off-peak” moving rates. For more information contact our logistics headquarters here.

2) Recruit Packers

Summer weather puts almost everyone in a good mood…why not utilize the great spirit of the season and enlist friends and family members to help with packing. You can supply the atmosphere with good music and snacks and cut the time and monotony in half!

(We are a full moving company and provide packing services. Ask your logistics coordinator for more information.)

3) Stay Cool

Whether you are packing/unpacking, in doors or out doors, make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Keep a small cooler with lots of cold water, sports drinks, and light snacks like fruits and granola available to you and your family at all times. Dress appropriately as well. You may be inclined to wear minimal or loose clothing but the best bet for moving is a light-weight t-shirt, jeans, and breathable sneakers.

4) Avoid Moving With Food

The life span of perishable items is limited with the summer heat. Aaron Bros. suggests donating non-perishable items to “Move for Hunger,” and getting rid of items that can spoil. If applicable, it may be a wise decision to grocery shop for food and household products BEFORE your actually move. It will be one less thing to think about once we have you settled in your new home and you will be grateful to save money on unnecessary take-out.

5) Look Into Storage

Sort through your belongings before you move and put aside items that can be stored such as seasonal items, holiday items, and/or clothes. Our movers can make the extra stop at one of our self-storage facilities for you for a hassle-free experience.

Moving in the summer months can be stress-free when you book your move with Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.!

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