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Beware of the Cheap Movers

Published on March 22nd, 2013 by

Beware of the Cheap Movers. Relocating is expensive and it can be tempting to hire the cheapest moving company you come across. Here are reasons WHY NOT to hire cheap movers (And why WE are pretty good!)

It’s what we in the business call, “Bait and Switch…”– They lure you in with a low, low moving quote, then pile on extra “fees” when they hand over your final bill. If you don’t agree to pay the new higher cost, they can take it a step further and hold your items ransom on the moving truck!`

With Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. your Crew Leader (head huncho mover of the crew) will initially do a walk-through with you to give you an accurate estimate for the cost and time needed for the move to be completed. Anything required additionally will be discussed and verified by you before the movers do it. So, no surprises!

Inexperienced movers–One reason a moving company may be cheap is because they use inexperienced movers or day laborers. Deductive reasoning is as simple as inexperienced movers = damaged goods!  It may seem like anyone can move but really, one has to know what they are doing since it is physically demanding and should be done as efficiently, carefully, and quickly as possible. And although it’s unfair to be presumptuous, one can say that it wouldn’t be unheard of for an underpaid worker to help themselves to a customers’ property.

Most of our movers have at least 5 years experience and we team them up in groups of three or more so you always get at least one mover who is extremely skilled at what they do (I mentioned that “Crew Leader…”). This Crew Leader will position the rest of the movers at specific locations which is a strategy we find to be most effective in optimizing productivity. Throughout the duration of the move, the Crew Leader has a constant line of communication between himself and the remaining movers as to which items are to be moved and in what order these items should be loaded onto the moving truck.

Resources for checking out your movers–If these said companies are already hiring inexperienced movers and giving you the run-around about costs, it’s probably pretty safe to say they may not be registered with the Great state of Illinois or insured. References to check out the legitimacy of the moving company are:

  1. USDOT# or MC# — License Verification
  2. Rating with the Better Business Bureau`
  3. State Regulations

We are licensed, bonded and insured (note the left-hand corner at the bottom of this and every page), not to mention we have been a trusted Chicago business since 1969. That’s a LONG time and we are so proud!

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