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Our History…One Truck, One Family, One Dream!

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The first location–40th & Michigan Ave.

Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has proudly served Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over forty years as local Chicago movers and neighborhood self-storage providers. Currently, we proudly operate four self-storage locations but our company history is rooted in the moving industry. We would like to share our story with you and a brief description on how our zest for being Chicago’s moving company began.

Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. was established in 1969 by Mr. Rozelle and Winifred Spencer. Mr. Spencer was working for TWA at the time and began Aaron Bros. as a side project. It started with one truck, one family, and one dream…to move Chicago! During this time, Urban Redevelopment really began to boom in Chicago and for Mr. and Mrs. Spencer, they had two key ingredients for success, 1) impeccable timing and 2) charming, outgoing personalities.

The business grew and gained much success and continued with the momentum of additional self-storage facilities beginning with Hyde Park Self-Storage in 1991, South Shore Self-Storage in 1996, and 83rd & Halsted Self-Storage in 2004. Today, the original Aaron Bros. building still remains and instead of one truck we have many and a team of dispatchers, logistics managers, and movers ready to take on Chicago, one move at a time!

An original truck design that you can still spot in the neighborhood today.

Brothers Jeffery and Derrick Spencer currently manage all four locations alongside Mrs. Spencer with the help of addition family members and dedicated employees. It is Aaron Bros. commitment to know our customers, their stories, and to treat them as an extension of our family.


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