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Top 11 Tips to Settle Into Your New Home

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Is there a move in your future? Your moving date is confirmed √, booked a mover √, donated or sold unwanted items and packed up the rest of your belongings √ and √. Now what? What’s the best way to settle into your new home to set yourself up for a comfortable life in your new home?

We’ve got you covered! Take note of our top 11 tips to settle into your new home.


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  1. Your New Address
    You’ve got a new address! Make sure everyone who needs to know, knows. Visit the United States Postal Service website and complete an official change of address form. For companies, such as financial institutions, cell phone provider, credit card companies, etc. contact them directly to let them know of the new address. You can also snag some awesome “Just Moved” cards to send to family and friends.
  2. Keep the Lights On!
    Don’t forget to move your electricity, gas, water, cable, phone and Internet services to your new address. Prior to moving into your new home, contact all of the applicable utility providers to transfer service to your new home.
  3. Make It Your Home
    Most likely, someone lived in your home prior to you and there could be spare copies of keys floating out there. Call the locksmith and install new locks for your exterior doors. If possible, change the garage door opener codes. It’s your home so make sure you know who has access to it.
  4. Safety First
    Check the batteries on all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Check the expiration dates on fire extinguishers or purchase new ones if necessary. Make sure you’re prepared to avoid any future issues.
  5. Get Your Vision In Order
    Create a vision for how you want your home to look and feel. Do you need to do some repairs? Plan and budget. Need to add some more personal touches to make it feel like your home? Choose some paint colors, visit a home décor store and plan how you’ll make your new house into a home.


  1. Start Clean
    Your new home may have been cleaned prior to your move in but it doesn’t hurt to grab some cleaner and hot water. Give your new home a good cleaning before you start unpacking. Starting with a clean slate will help you feel more relaxed as you settle into your new home.
  2. Handle the Big Stuff First
    When you first move, everything seems urgent. You’re ready to be comfortable in your new space but there is a way to strategically handle everything. What are the big items you can easily take care of first? Get your bedroom set up so you have a place to head your head at night. Set up the bathroom so you can freshen up for your next day of unpacking. Get the coffeemaker and toaster out for your first breakfast in the new home. You can take care of the other kitchen items later.
  3. Make a Room Your “Working” Room
    If you have the space, establish an additional bedroom or den as the “working” room. There may be small items or boxes that you’re not exactly sure what to do with yet. Don’t fret. Keep them in the working room and as your home comes together, you’ll determine where they should be placed and now you know exactly where they are.
  4. One Step at a Time
    It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed when you have to unpack your entire life. Don’t let it get to you. Take it one project at a time. One day focus on setting up your home office, the next day; maybe it’s your stellar record collection. One step at a time. Settle in slowly, don’t rush.
  5. Explore Your Surroundings
    Take some time to explore your new neighborhood. Find out where the nearest grocery and hardware stores. Need a coffee break? Discover where your new favorite coffee shop is.
  6. Be Neighborly
    Whether you’ve moved into a condo or house, make it a point to meet your neighbors. It’s always a good idea to be friendly with your neighbors and who knows, you might actually become friends?!?!

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