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Day Three: Who Knew?! The Movers Power of Haikus

Published on September 25th, 2013 by

One unexpected, yet delightful, conference Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. attended during Chicago’s Social Media Week was yesterday’s, “Haikus & Images: Harnessing the Power of Twitter to Celebrate and Promote Chicago,” by Urbanologist, Max Grinnell. Among many talents, Max Grinnell is a traveler writer and urbanology professor who uses Twitter as a means to explore and showcase our beautiful city.

What sparked our interest the most is not only does Mr. Grinnell post photos of known and sometimes unknown Chicago nooks artistically, but he accompanies them with a haiku. If you remember from grammar school English class a haiku is defined as, “an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively.” For this dorky company, this makes his take on Chicago way cooler than your ordinary “Selfies” in front of infamous Chicago landscapes. There is an elegant and literal poetry to his take on Chicago and we just think the concept is brilliant in its simplicity. 

For a change of pace, we would like to share Mr. Grinnell’s website which contains examples of his haiku photography and a link to a Questions & Answers interview he recently gave to a Social Media Week affiliate.

And just for fun, we try our hand at haikus & images, Aaron Bros.’ way:


Eldest moving truck,

The possessions you have known.

Years of lending hands.


A narrow hallway…

It’s okay! Two skilled movers

Handling with care.


We Move Chicago!

From here, there and everywhere.

Have we moved you yet?


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