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Essential Tips for Packing Wine Glasses & Other Fragile Items

Published on May 7th, 2021 by

One of the most nerve wracking parts of any move is getting your fragile items from your current space safely into your new space. As providers of moving services in Chicago, we have learned some tricks over the years to keep your fragile items intact.

Use Small Boxes

Fragile objects such as glassware or other kitchen items should be packed into several smaller boxes instead of into one large box. This ensures no heavier objects can crush the fragile items and that there’s not a ton of space for the items to move around in the box.

Wrap Individual Items

Although it may be tedious and time-consuming to do so, wrapping each fragile item individually can significantly reduce the risk of that object breaking during your move. Use bubble wrap or another insulating material to wrap each item.

Tape the Bottom of Boxes

Even if the items in your box aren’t particularly heavy, adding another layer of tape across the bottom seam of the box can reinforce the box’s strength.

Heaviest on the Bottom

When deciding what order to pack your fragile items, always put the heaviest item on the bottom of the box. This prevents smaller, lighter objects from getting crushed in the move.

Layer Each Box with a Soft Layer at the Bottom

If you have towels, rags, or other soft items laying around, consider using them to line the bottom of your box to add another protective layer around your fragile items.

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