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Getting Ready for Self-Storage

Published on March 27th, 2013 by

Getting Ready for Self-Storage. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. does its best to help secure your belongings at all of our Self-Storage locations. Here are a few tricks you can do before you move into your rented unit to help protect your belongs even more.

1) Invest in sturdy, cardboard boxes or seal-tight Tupperware containers. It may be tempting to spring for hand-me-down boxes or to use garbage bags, but it is wise to spend the money on brand-new, highly constructed material that will withstand climate change and time. (Not to mention the weight of being stacked on top of one another.)

2) Clothes can be packed in a wardrobe box or in a vacuum-sealed box. Vacuum-sealed boxes are also ideal for bedding, rugs, and drapery and can be easily found at your local department store.

3) Major appliances should be cleaned and drained (if applicable, such as your freezer) before being placed in your unit. Secure movable parts with paper pads or bubble wrap and leave the doors to appliances slightly opened to prevent mildew and bacteria from growing.

4) Pack as much as you can in one box, keeping in mind not to under-pack or over-pack  (Under-packing can make for a weak surface to stack on; over-packing can cause the boxes to bulge.) LABEL ALL BOXES CLEARLY, ESPECIALLY FRAGILE ITEMS! Keep a reference list on file on your home computer.

5) Pack books, tools, and other heavier items in small boxes. Try not to exceed 30lbs. per box.

6) Protect furniture by wrapping them in slipcovers or large sheets. For extra protection, you can treat your leather upholstery with a conditioner and wood items with a high-duty polish before placing them in storage.

7) Chair legs can be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper padding. The chairs themselves can be covered with a chair slipcover and stacked seat-to-seat once in your unit.

8) Other dismantled furniture should have their parts–i.e. nuts and screws–bagged and kept with that piece of furniture to aid you when it’s time to put it back together.


AND Now…Utilizing your Self-Storage Unit

1) Think of your unit as a puzzle. All the loose boxes, containers, and furniture are individual pieces that need to come together and live harmoniously in this one space. Store sofas on end and use bookcases and dressers as extra space to store small boxes.

2) Laying plywood on top of a row of like-size boxes creates a support structure you can build on with confidence.

3) Cover boxes with breathable material like an old quilt or bedspread. This will help collect dust and keep your boxes in top-notch shape.

4) ABOVE ALL–Pack the unit strategically placing boxes you may need before you vacate your unit in the front for easy access. Leave yourself room to maneuver between boxes and create a pathway to all of your items.


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