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How to Move a Piano

Published on July 15th, 2021 by

If you own a piano, it’s likely one of the biggest and most valuable items you own. You want to make sure it gets to your new home safe and sound and entirely intact. To do so and have an easy time doing it, follow these simple tips and tricks to safely pack and prepare your piano for moving day.

Plan Ahead

The key to moving a piano successfully and without stress is to plan out everything you can ahead. Map out the path you or movers will be walking through, both at your old home and new one. Clear out anything that might be in the way in either path and make sure there will be no pets or children running around. Measure the piano as well as the doorways, stairwells, and halls to make sure it’ll fit within all of them.

Gather the Right Supplies

To make sure your piano isn’t damaged in the process of moving, you’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary supplies to protect it. Make sure you or the movers are supplied with plenty of blankets, dollys, lifting straps, tie-down straps, packing tape, and gloves. Not only will the proper supplies keep your piano safe, but it will keep walls and surfaces from being scuffed or scratched.

Moving an Upright Piano

If you have an upright piano, the pedals and keys should be completely protected. Wrap the lid over the keyboard and secure it with plenty of packing tape. Also make sure to wrap the pedals with stretch wrap and tape so they stay secure. Wrap the entire piano with moving blankets and tape, and make sure it gets loaded first at the back of the truck so it stays put throughout the drive.

Moving a Grand Piano

With grand pianos, they have to be disassembled to be moved since they are bigger and more complex. With a screwdriver, disassemble the legs and pedals, and remove the legs holding onto the body of the piano. Wrap up the keys, lid, and sides of the piano with moving blankets and tape, and warp up the legs and pedals separately.
Use lifting straps to make the process easier and place it into a dolly or two, depending on how big the piano is. It should be placed against the back wall of the truck and tied down with straps. You may need a special piece of equipment known as a piano board to move it.

Be Smart About Safety

Packing and moving such a large and valuable item does come with risks, so make sure you are very careful about how you go about it. Wear close-toed shoes just in case anything falls, and wear a back strap or gloves to help you lift heavy parts pain-free. When lifting the piano, make sure to use your legs and not your back to avoid injuries.

Work With Aaron Bros.

The best way to ensure your piano and other valuable items get safely from point A to point B is to hire a trusted, experienced moving company like Aaron Bros. We have been providing stellar local and long distance moving services for over 50 years.

Our caring movers will safely move your piano and treat your belongings as if they are their own. Our moving and packing services are done with utmost efficiency and you will get the superior service you expect. For the best movers in Chicago, contact us today. We look forward to moving you!

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