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How to Pack Books Efficiently

Published on April 26th, 2022 by

If you’re a bookworm and have a collection of books to transfer to your new housing location, it can be a bit of a stressor to make sure you pack them effectively while not ruining them. Follow these tips and tricks to make sure you’re packing your books in a way that will allow them to arrive at your new location unharmed and good as new.

Go Through Your Collection


Regardless of what you’re packing, the best thing to do is evaluate what you have and decide if you want to keep, donate, or throw it out. Moving can be a great time to get rid of the things that you don’t want or need that simply take up space in your house. Going through your book collection could be a great place to start in decluttering!

Preparing the Boxes

Make sure that the boxes you get can hold the weight of your books. Especially if they’re hardcover, it can get heavy pretty fast! Also check for dampness inside the box, as any sort of wetness can be detrimental to books. When putting the boxes together, make sure to put a few layers of tape on the bottom of the box to make sure the weight of the books doesn’t break the box open during the move.

Putting the Books in

When packing hardcover books, pack them standing up, as if they were on a shelf, with the spine against the side of the box. With paperbacks, pack them in stacks either on their backs or spine first on the bottom of the box. Just make sure not to pack them with the spine facing up towards you, as that will bend the pages of the book. Use crumpled up paper or bubble wrap to fill empty spaces within the box, because if they move around during the move they can become damaged. Then make sure to close and tape the box shut!

Use a Suitcase

If you have an exceptional amount of books or want an alternative to boxes, using a suitcase to pack books can be a great way to maximize your space and have the packing process be easier. While we generally think of suitcases for clothes, using them for books can make the process a lot easier. They can become very heavy very fast, so rolling them instead of carrying them could be more efficient. Also, this will take your worry away of the bottom of the box opening up and your books falling. Just make sure the suitcase is dry, and don’t pack any books with the spine facing up.

Hire Trustworthy Movers

To have a stress-free, efficient experience moving, you’ll want to hire the best movers in Chicago. With Aaron Bros, we’ll accommodate everything you need on your next move, whether it be local or long distance. You can trust that all your books and personal belongings, big or small, will be taken care of and arrive safely to your new home. Don’t break your back moving alone; work with the professional Chicago movers! We look forward to helping you on your next move.

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