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Ideal Self-Storage for Apartment Dwellers

Published on June 17th, 2013 by

Chicago is a city full of apartment dwellers and in most cases the size of our apartments are not conducive to the amount of stuff we have. A perfect solution to manage all of your belongings is self-storage, whether long-term or short-term. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has four secured self-storage facilities located on the South Side of Chicago in Bronzeville, Auburn/Gresham, Hyde Park, and South Shore.  All of our facilities have on-site management, fire-proof construction, easy loading/unloading access, and are maintained daily by our dedicated team.

Here are ideas on household items to store at one of our facilities to give you more livable space in your apartment.


If your closet space is limited, consider storing and rotating your clothes depending on the season. In the winter months you’ll have room for your bulky outerwear and in the summer for all your lightweight cotton. Closet organization kits go along way to maximize space as well.

Seasonal Items

Storage is the perfect place to keep your seasonal items. Holiday decorations like artificial trees and bins of themed decor can take up a ton of real estate inside your home. Free up this space by placing these items in storage. Storage units are also ideal for bicycles, pool equipment, lawn equipment, garden tools, and snow-removal items.

Kid’s Toys/Furniture

Between bedding and changing tables for infants to bulky plastic toys for toddlers, children’s items tend to take up quite a bit of space. If you are planning on extending your family or are just not ready to part with the memorabilia, consider placing these items in storage for future use.


Appliances such as grills and smokers can be placed in storage during winter months or consider storing those small kitchen appliance that aren’t for everyday use like bread-makers and/or crockpots. Also, storage units are a great solution to patio furniture and/or additional home seating like table leaves and extra chairs.


Self-storage is ideal for those items that are difficult to part with. Books, photo collections, and other miscellaneous files can be kept in their integrity in one of our secured units.

For information regarding unit sizing, click here.

For information regarding packing your belongings for self-storage, click here.



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