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Ideas For A Last Minute Memorial Day Party

Published on May 24th, 2016 by

Memorial Day 2016 is upon us, and if you are like most Americans, you will be off work and ready to celebrate with friends and family.

This article is for those who have committed themselves–last minute–to being the host of a fantastic Memorial Day party and have no idea where to start!


Red, white, and blue anything will do the trick to setting the atmosphere for your patriotic party. Focus on table clothes, balloons, colored plates and plastic-ware; any items that can be purchased at either a party store or dollar store. These items will not break your bank or your heart when someone inevitable spills or puts a tear in one of them. You can also take on some simple DIY projects, like layered center pieces meant to represent the American flag like the example below:

This lovely number is made from dried beans…that’s it! Instructions can be found on


Lets be honest. A very close second to the atmosphere of any party is what is being served to eat. Memorial Day is the perfect time to splurge on American cuisine! Hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, French fries, all those yummy treats that even the strictest of a “points counter” can’t resist on a holiday. To make your plates a little more festive, why not carry your red, white, and blue motif to your food. You can make layered fruit skewers with strawberries, marshmallows, and blueberries, or even cut appetizer cheese or fruit slices into the shape of stars using a cookie cutter.

A trip to your local grocery store may be frustrating the Sunday before Memorial Day, but will prove worthwhile with all the patriotic food they offer. From colored tortilla chips to already prepared dessert platters, you can find many treats “holiday ready” and already prepared for your convenience.


To really set off your Memorial Day party, gather your friends and family for activities and games. Stick with childhood favorites! If the temperature holds up, why not bring out the sprinkler for the kids (and grown-ups) or hose for a water balloon toss. Or create your own “obstacle course” with items you already have laying around the house/yard. You can purchase sidewalk chalk and host an “art contest,” or even look for inexpensive hula hoops and jump ropes for an endurance challenge. Musical chairs is always a big hit–as well as a limbo contest–and can be done without purchasing anything! (That’s right…FREE FUN !!)

And what better way to welcome in the summer season by building a fire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores???

Congratulations! You just throw one hell of a last-minute Memorial Day party!

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