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The Importance of Reviews

Published on March 4th, 2015 by

As modern day consumers, we all know the importance of on-line reviews. Whether they are positive or negative, helpful or humorous, what the public opinion of your business is is extremely important. This is true for our company to.

Reviews and feedback regarding Aaron Bros. is important to us so we can continue our goal of being a successful Chicago moving company.

Previously at Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc., we have blogged on how one can write a helpful review of movers. We provided this information because reviews are a way for us to gain an unfiltered perceptive on how we are performing in our industry. Reviews are important to our company for two main reasons:

They help us see what we are doing right, and more importantly, areas we need to improve on.

The online reviews Aaron Bros. receives are always monitored internally by our management team. They allow us to hear all the things the company is doing right, and the areas that need improvement. We take a constructive approach to the comments our customers leave and are committed to making our product and services better. For example, we received feedback that our office hours and start time for moves could be earlier. In response to this–and to accommodate our customers needs–we decided to open our office 2.5 hours earlier so we could dispatch moving crews at an earlier time.

They help us gauge the productivity of our staff.

Online reviews keep all of our employees working towards the same goal which is exceptional customer service. Whether it is management staff, office staff or our moving crews, we strive to be positive, helpful, and productive from the start of our customer relationship to the end. Reviews help us access the areas of customer interaction that are successful, but also the spots we may need to improve upon. An example of this is our damage claim process. Because of previous feedback we have received, Aaron Bros. streamlined our damage claim process to take no longer than 15 days–on average–and to provide plenty of communication to that customer. We would not have known that our previous way of handling claims wasn’t efficient had it not been for online reviews.


Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. is always working towards having a positive effect on our customers, in our industry, and within the community. If you would like to take a moment to leave us feedback and tell us how we are doing, please do so here. We will definitely take what you have to say to heart.


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