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More Than Movers; Utilize Aaron Bros. for Home Staging

Published on June 3rd, 2013

At Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc, we do more than moving. Our services also extend to a trusted company that can help in all areas of home preparation when it comes time to place your home on the market. You can utilize Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc and our moving crew BEFORE your moving day by hiring our moving company to help stage your home for sale or rental.

Staging is a necessary step in showcasing your homes appeal to potential buyers or renters and our crew can help with the heavy lifting, reorganization, and pre-move packing. Staging not only creates a welcoming space but it also has been known to increase the value of your home. Tips recommended for staging are:

De-clutter, Especially Furniture

The less furniture you have in a space, the bigger the space will look. An insider tip is to “float” the remaining pieces of furniture within a room and group them together as if to create a perfect setting for conversation. Avoid pushing tables, chairs, and sofas against walls. Our movers can help you decide what to keep and pack those items that are removed from bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

Overall Upgrade

This includes painting any rooms that need it and re-carpeting or deep cleaning the existing carpet. When choosing wall paint color, opt for a neutral palette such as off-white, taupe, and/or other earth tones. These colors are proven to have mass appeal. When it comes to flooring, Aaron Bros. can help in this area by either moving furniture for the professionals or removing flooring altogether.


Take this time of staging to put away all personalized photography and knick-knacks. Allow potential buyers or renters to imagine themselves in the space not you and your family. As a full service professional moving company, we can pack these items for you.

Downplay Obvious Storage/Junk Areas

If there are areas in your house that you have clearly used as a means of storage, re-purpose the space by purchasing an inexpensive armchair and creating a reading corner. You can also leave the space clean of furniture and hang a unique piece of art. Be creative to make awkward spaces functional and put these stored items in one of our local storage facilities.


Clear kitchen counters of everything! Also include any photos and magnets on your refrigerator. Pack up all miscellaneous appliances and deep clean walls, stove, and refrigerator. Simply replacing cabinet drawers and hardware can spruce up the space as well. If you have a small kitchen, try painting the kitchen and the room next to it the same color to add the illusion of space. Our movers can help pull out appliances for cleaning, removal, and/or painting and be there to securely pack all appliances.


Create a tranquil environment that appeals to both males and females. A simple way to do this is by making the bed the focal point of the room. Invest in rich fabric bedding in a neutral color, almost mimicking a plush hotel room. Make sure to remove any extra furniture pieces and depersonalize any pictures. Our smaller storage spaces are perfect for miscellaneous pieces like extra dressers and wardrobe closets.


To stage your bathroom, opt for a spa look. Make sure to deep clean your tub with a lime removal based cleaner and fix any leaking faucets. Remove all personal medications, toiletries and if you have children, kid’s bath toys. A nice touch is adding a basket of rolled, clean towels and natural decorations like stones in a clear vase or an aloe vera plant. If you decide to upgrade the room, purchase a pedestal sink which marks high with potential buyers/renters. Aaron Bros. can help with the disposal of any awkward bathroom appliances like tubs, toilets, and sinks.

Miscellaneous Tips

Lighting: An inviting environment can also be created by lighting. Try using these three techniques: ambient lighting either in a general area or overhead, task lighting under-cabinets or above for reading, and accent lighting such as bedside table lamps.

Work in Threes: Decorations tend to be more welcoming when grouped in odd numbers, particularly the number three. Group small wall art and accent pieces such as candles and vases in groups of three with varing heights.

Wall Art: Resist the urge to place wall art in the most obvious places. Be creative and don’t be afraid to stagger and group pieces of art together even if they were not purchased as sets.

Outside Your Home: Since this is the first impression your home will make, do not make the mistake of overlooking unsightly garbage, weeds, and/or any other material that may be around the perimeter of your house. Take the time to mow and fertilize the grass, clean gutters, and plant flowers.

Call us today to see how our professional movers at Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. can help you get your home ready to move whether it is through staging, packing, or self-storage.



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