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Your “Moving Out” Cleaning Checklist

Published on October 21st, 2014 by

Congratulations!!! You have signed your new lease, Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has successfully moved you and there isn’t a box in sight at your old apartment. But, before you can move onto a brighter future with your new place, it’s time to take a harsh look around at the mess…it’s time to clean!

Cleaning your old home–especially one you may have rented over the years–is important and a must if you would like to receive that deposit back. It may seem daunting, but knowing the key rooms and areas to target will help you get moving faster.


  • Unplug, defrost and clean your refrigerator. Wipe down all of the shelves and compartments with warm soapy water and remember to scrub the outside door and handles too.
  • Scrub your counter-tops and sink to remove food residue.
  • Remove all your dry items from the pantry and give those shelves a thorough cleaning as well. You should leave nothing behind, especially unwanted food items.
  • Hopefully, you have a self-cleaning oven. If not, purchase some oven cleaner and gloves and get to work on the oven glass door and the inside of the oven. The burners will also come clean with a little cleaner and some elbow grease.


  • Clean your toilet, sink, shower stall and tub as best as you can to remove soapy residue and stains.
  • All personal items and toiletries (including any shower curtains and rings) should be removed from the tub.

General Areas

  • Perform a light dusting of any wood work and/or light features.
  • If possible, landlords always appreciate clean windows.
  • Remember the floors! Vacuum carpets and sweep and mop hardwood and tile floors.
  • All nails should be removed from the walls. Walls should then be wiped down with warm soapy water. A Mr. Clean’s “Magical Eraser” goes a long way in removing scuff marks.
  • Make sure all garbage and personal items are removed from the premises.

The only thing left to do is…go enjoy your NEW home!

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