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Should You Tip Your Movers?

Published on August 9th, 2013 by

Tipping etiquette may be confusing to some people when it comes to appreciating moving services. We know to tip restaurant servers, cab drivers, hairdressers, etc. but why tip a mover and how much is acceptable? Aaron Bros. would like to utilize this blog post to discuss what is acceptable and appreciated when it comes time to thank your Moving Crew for a “job well done!”

To begin, our Moving Crews at Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. are strictly instructed not to solicit tips. This is a no-no in our company and quite frankly, in all industries. However, having stated our policy on that, an earned tip is much appreciated by your Moving Crew and goes a long way in saying “thank you.” To help you navigate through this subject, we have compiled some helpful tipping guidelines to keep in mind as our company completes your relocation.

Firstly, it is useful to create a checklist list for yourself on what you expect from our Moving Crew on moving day. This can be used to evaluate whether a tip is warranted or not.  Think of what is important–service wise–to you and your family. Some things to consider may be punctuality, courtesy, efficiency, the ability to follow your directions, and care towards your belongings. Our Moving Crews are responsible for your life’s’ belongings and have been trained to take great care and caution with all of your items. The job is not only physically demanding but also mentally since packing trucks correctly can sometimes be like a game of “Tetris.”

Once your standard of measure is set and you decide to go ahead and tip your Moving Crew, we have found that a few options are much appreciated. You can either tip in refreshments, cash, or both.

Drinks like bottled water or Gatorade will replenish the Moving Crew and keep them hydrated to stay on track with your move. Purchase in bulk and make sure to keep the drinks cold in the refrigerator. For snacks, something easy and quick to eat like pizza or sandwiches will provide an energizing break.

If after providing a snack for the Moving Crew you still want to provide a “little something extra” for their excellence service, a cash tip of $10-$20 per man for a 4 hour job is acceptable and will be gratefully received by your Moving Crew (you can adjust that amount based upon the hours of the move itself). When presenting the tips, we recommend handing each mover their tip personally so there is no confusion in how you wish to divvy up the tips. This also shows each one of our movers that you appreciate their individual efforts.

Ultimately, the decision to tip and how you tip is up to you. We hope that your experience with our Moving Crew is seamless and deserving of your generosity.

Happy Moving with Aaron Bros.!






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