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Staging Your Home On A Budget

Published on March 5th, 2018 by

At Aaron Bros., we make it a priority to take care of your family while you relocate. As one of Chicago’s most preferred cheap movers, we understand that moving can be a hectic process and will do our best to make it as stress-free as possible. Moving often means you must sell your previous home which is a difficult and usually time-consuming process. Staging your home effectively can be the key to selling it, so here are a few tips on how to stage on a budget.

Revamp Old Furniture

When deciding what the cheap movers at Aaron Bros. should bring from your old house to your new one, there are bound to be a few pieces that don’t quite make the cut. Rather than getting rid of this furniture, revamp it to use for staging in the home you are trying to sell. Adding a fresh coat of paint to a dresser, reupholstering a chair, or putting a slip cover on your old couch are all inexpensive ways to revitalize the look of your home.

Replace Old Hardware

Old hardware in the kitchen or bathroom can be an obvious sign that these spaces need to be updated. Even though it may seem like a small detail, changing the hardware on drawers, cabinets, light switches, door knobs, etc. in any room to something more updated or modern can make a huge difference in the entire aesthetic of a home.

Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Once the Aaron Bros.’ cheap movers have removed your belongings from your old home, the empty space in each room can be daunting to both you and a new buyer. When staging these rooms, think about creating an illusion that the ceilings are higher than they are to make the room feel bigger. You can do this by adding furniture and décor with strong vertical lines. Floor to ceiling accents can help achieve this look as well.

Selling your home and moving to a new one doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The cheap movers at Aaron Bros. not only have the experience to make your move smooth and successful, but their competitive prices will save you money for staging your home. Contact Aaron Bros. today for a free moving estimate!

Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

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