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Storage Unit Organization Tips

Published on September 2nd, 2020 by

If you’ve never packed a storage unit before, you may not know where to begin. While the goal is to fit everything that you need inside of your unit, it’s important to do so in an effective way. Our storage company near Lincoln Park, Illinois can provide you with helpful tips to get the most out of every square inch of your unit. Packing your storage unit strategically is especially important for those who will be accessing it on a regular basis. The last thing you want is to visit your storage unit for one or two things only to cause a huge mess throughout the process.

A little bit of planning and preparation when you initially pack your unit can help you stay organized throughout the time that you rent your storage unit in Lincoln Park.

Pick a Consistent Box Size

If you’re planning on putting multiple boxes inside of your unit, try to be consistent with what size you pick. Doing so will make your life significantly easier when you are packing your storage unit. Same-size boxes allow for easier stability and stacking when making room for other items in the unit. You may feel tempted to opt for large boxes, but they are more difficult to remove in the case that you need to retrieve something.

Prioritize Items

Identifying what items you will need to access on a consistent basis should be figured out before you start to move. It’s easy to get caught up in the commotion on moving day and end up putting commonly used items toward the back. Planning out your approach beforehand is an easy way to stay organized. Of course, the items that you’re going to access the most should be the last items put into the storage unit.

Common items that people may want to access include:

  • Clothing for the upcoming season
  • Supplies for a particular season such as grilling equipment, sleeping bags, skis, etc.
  • Holiday decorations
  • Important legal documents
  • Medications
  • Electronic devices

Label Everything

Don’t overlook this simple yet effective step when preparing to pack your storage unit in Lincoln Park. Any boxes that are packed should be labeled in as much detail as possible. Helpful information includes what is inside the box, the room it came from, and whether or not there is anything fragile.

Create a Map

It sounds silly, but drawing out a map of where you plan to put everything within the unit can help you easily navigate it in the future. The map can be basic and outline the general area of each corner of the unit. Doing so will help you create a plan of action if you need to retrieve a particular item.

Consider Upgrading

You’ll likely run out of space in your unit a lot faster than you originally anticipated. If you can’t seem to fit everything that you need to inside of your original unit, consider contacting our storage company near Lincoln Park, Il to upgrade.

Save yourself a significant amount of time and money by preparing for your upcoming transition into a storage unit. In the case that you have questions about packing best practices or what size unit will suit you the best, our team at Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. is happy to assist. Call us to get started!

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