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Suggested Items To Throw Away Before Moving Day

Published on November 3rd, 2015 by

We can all agree there is no point in moving items you barely use or remember even owning on your big moving day. But how can you tell what to keep versus what to throw away? The decision is ultimately a personal one; however, Aaron Bros. has compiled a list of items we suggest sorting through before your move.

  1. Furniture–Aaron Bros. suggests obtaining or creating a floor plan of you new home so you can map out where and how your furniture will fit into your new space. We have previously published a blog post on the perks of using floor plans, which you can assess here. A good rule of them to remember is, if the furniture does not fit on the floor plan, it will not make the cut in your new home. You can donate any unwanted furniture to your local Goodwill or to one of our favorite Chicago-based organizations, Zealous Good.
  2. Electronics–This day and age, almost everyone has older models of smart phones, laptops, and tablets that are obsolete hanging around their homes. If you still own your first Nintendo console or Motorola Razor, it may be time to consider getting rid of your old technology. Electronic focused stores such as Best Buy have electronic recycling centers for your convenience. You can visit their website here for more information.
  3. Clothes–The average packed wardrobe box can weigh up to 75lbs! That’s a lot of heavy lifting for your movers, especially for garments you never wear. We encourage every member of the household to sort through their closets and drawers and get rid of clothing you no longer wear for whatever reason. Unwanted clothing items can be donated to local charities or thrift stores, and sometimes, if in excellent condition, sold to second-hand stores willing to pay the price for your vintage t-shirt collection.
  4. Children’s Toys–Nothing takes up space like the bulkiness that is children’s toys now-a-days. If you are not saving those toddler toys for a new little bundle of joy, get rid of the items before moving into your new home. For pre-school aged children, Aaron Bros.’ suggests sorting toys to trash without them there (otherwise, prepare for battle!) Older kids may handle the decision to get rid of beloved toys better and can benefit from hosting their own toy swap or yard sale.
  5. Adult Toys–Has your elliptical machine become a makeshift display for clothes and towels? Has your treadmill not seen a mile in a few years? If so, its time to get rid of that heavy workout equipment. You’ll save so much room on your moving truck and someones lower back!
  6. Books–As an avid book lover, I struggle with this one. However, there is something to be said about condensing your personal library and getting rid of books that just don’t capture your attention or heart anymore. Instead of trashing your old books, perhaps you can pass on some of your collection to fellow book lovers, family, and/or friends. Books are also welcomed at donation sites like the Salvation Army, local schools and aftercare programs, and at secondhand thrift stores.
  7. Mismatched Items–Moving is the perfect time to finally purge any mismatched items you are still holding onto. This can be anything from linens to dishware, to leftover DVD and/or CD cases to random dinette chairs that have been paired together. One of the most fun things about moving is shopping for new items for you new home. Allow yourself this splurge to make up for your discarded items.
  8. Food–Instead of schlepping frozen meals and canned goods to your new home, we suggest either planning out pre-move meals that use up perishable and non-perishable foods or donating the non-perishable items to a program like “Move for Hunger.” Aaron Bros. is a proud partner of “Move for Hunger” and will gladly collect the canned goods for you. You can read more about this great cause here.
  9. Storage–If you are really having a hard time parting ways with your belongings, self-storage is also an option. Most facilities (such as those owned by Aaron Bros., located on the Southside of Chicago) offer non-binding, month-to-month contracts with small spaces beginning at $40 per month ideal for storing boxes, totes, and any other item you can’t bare to part with…just yet!

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