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Time for Easter

Published on March 29th, 2013 by

Time for Easter . This Sunday is Easter and the little ones in our family have already colored their Easter eggs. But why do we dye eggs for the holiday? Here’s what we found out:

Eggs have long since been a symbol of renewal and new life for many cultures. From ancient Persians, to Jewish cultures, to modern day Christianity, eggs are representative of a seemingly “rock-like” structure that can bring new life. They are instituted in Spring culture from the wreaths we hang on our front doors, to the delicious chocolate treats we eat, to finally the annual tradition of  hard-boiling eggs to color as a family activity.

The history of coloring Easter eggs is said to go back to the thirteenth century when eggs where considered sacred and forbidden during the Lenten season of Christianity. Families would decorate the eggs during Lent and then crack into them on Easter morning in celebration. But many different cultures had their own take on how to decorate eggs. For example, Russians encrusted their eggs with jewels for the Russian Imperial Court while Greek Orthodox baked dyed red eggs into loaves of bread.

The tradition we are most familiar with of buying store-bought Easter dye can be credited to a New Jersey drug store owner, William Townley. In 1893, he invented concentrated colored dye tablets that he sold out of his store for only 5 cents. Customers found that when mixed with distilled white vinegar and water they were able to created the bright colors that we now use today. Capitalizing on his invention, Mr. Townley soon changed his name to “PAAS,” a brand we all recognize from our local store’s Spring display.

And just in case there are some stained fingertips or little hands (hey, we’ve seen it happen!) here are some tips on REMOVING the dye from skin:

–Create a paste with vinegar and baking soda and SCRUB!

–Create an exfoliate with lemon juices and sugar and SCRUB!

–Have patience, the little Smurf-hands will dissolve on their own time.


Happy Easter from the Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc Family to Yours!


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