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Tips For Moving With Pets

Published on June 24th, 2013 by

Moving is a stressful event for adults so you can imagine how much harder it is on our beloved pets, especially those animals that are in doors like dogs and cats. Luckily, Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has a list of general animal relocation tips that can help ease anxiety for the most vulnerable of our family members.

Tips For Moving With Pets

  • It is recommended that all domestic pets have a microchip implant for tracking in case they get separated from the family. If a microchip is something you do not want to do, make sure pets have tagged collars with the following information: their name, your name and contact number, and the address you are moving to. It is also wise to put on any required license tag as well. Make sure your pet wears his or her collar at all time and that the contact information is updated upon arrival at your new location.
  • Ask your veterinarian for current medical records including a health certificate signed by your veterinarian that states your pet is in good condition. Also acquire a rabies certificate that shows recent vaccination.  Make sure that your pet’s shots are up-to-date and any applicable medication is refilled.
  • The days before your move, try to keep your pets as calm as possible. The unusual activity may lead to misbehavior so you may want to consider boarding the pets or having them stay with friends or family they are comfortable with. Keep a favorite toy and/or bedding unpacked to add familiarity. Try to maintain as much of your pets’ routine as possible such as feedings and walkings. The consistency in schedule will aid in reducing stress.
  • While traveling with pets make sure to have the following items on hand: plastic bags and scoops for dogs, your pets’ usual foods and plenty of water, containers for feedings and a can opener, leashes for cats and dogs, towels for messes, and favorite toys, chew bones, and treats. It is also wise to have unpacked food and treats for the first few days at your new home.
  • Once you’re at your new home, create a “pet zone.” Unpack your pet’s bedding and belongings in a quiet area of the new home, away from the hustle and bustle of unpacking. Expect your pet to want to explore their new surroundings and perhaps have an accident. Be patient, and just make sure to clean the soiled areas quickly so the scent doesn’t have a chance to linger.
  • Eating patterns may change due to the stress of relocation. Continue to supply your pet with fresh clean water. If you suspect your pet is ill, take them to a veterinarian for a full physical.

Your entire family (including pets!) will be settled in your new home with a little patience and a lot of help from Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc! Contact us today for moving rates!




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