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Tips For Moving With Roommates from Our Movers in Chicago

Published on February 9th, 2022 by

Living with roommates certainly has its pros and cons, and the process of moving with them is no exception. You want to make sure the process of moving with them goes as seamlessly as possible for all parties involved.

Practice Good Communication Skills

Making sure you and your roommates are all on the same page about everything will make the whole process much smoother. There are a lot of little tasks you must remember to do such as canceling bills, setting up wi-fi in your new place, or buying all the boxes and other packing materials. Communicating with each other about who will do what will relieve stress and remind you that you’re all working together.

Divide Up Shared Belongings

If you’ve been living with roommates, you most likely share a lot of items such as large furniture, pots and pans, television, or other belongings. If you’re all moving in together again, then divvying up the items most likely isn’t necessary, but if you won’t all be living together again, then you need to decide who gets what.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Making sure you have enough time to get everything done before the move is key. If you are short on time, you may get frustrated with each other or not be able to properly pack or communicate. Start early so that by the time moving day comes around, you know exactly who takes what, what your plans are, and what everyone’s role is.

Agree on a Moving Budget

Money can be a very sensitive topic and also a common reason for disagreements. To avoid having any awkward fights about money throughout the process, set your budget from the beginning. Will you be buying expensive, plastic boxes or reusing paper boxes from a friend? Will you hire cleaners before moving out or clean the place yourselves?

Settling all the expenses prior to making any large financial decision in relation to the moving process is always highly advised. You’ll be much happier in the long run!

Work With the Right Chicago Moving Company

The best way to have a seamless, easy time moving with your roommates is to work with a professional moving company. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has helped countless individuals, families, and businesses move into their new spaces. Our highly trained movers provide not only moving service, but loading, unloading, packing supplies, packing services, and more. If you have a move coming up, don’t try and tackle it alone. Give our affordable movers in Chicago a call today!

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