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Tips On Writing A Helpful Moving Review

Published on July 11th, 2014 by

Reviews, reviews, reviews! While moving, many potential customers look to internet searches and online moving reviews as a guide to deciding which company to go with. A moving review can be a great source of information and provide honest feedback from the consumers point of view.

In this digital age, online reviews can be the most useful tool for both business owners and potential consumers. For businesses, online reviews serve as written testimony to what is being done successfully and areas where service can be improved upon. For customers, reviews give you an objective critique of the business and services you are interested in.

If Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has moved you and/or your family and you would like to post a moving review of our services, we would like to offer some tips on how to write a helpful moving review.

1) Include the specifics of your move

Did you move in the summer or winter time? Was your move in the beginning or end of the month? Did you stay locally within Chicago or did Aaron Bros. move you outside of the city? All of these details can be helpful to people reading the reviews because it may help them find similarities between their potential move and your successful move.

2) Mention the Moving Crew you had that day

If your Moving crew rocked, mention the gentlemen’s names. It’s always great for our company to know the individuals who stand out and potential customers may like to request certain people for the day of their move.

3) Punctuality

Aaron Bros. tries its best to be on-time for all of our moving jobs and we would like everyone to know that we take your time valuable. If we ran late, it may be helpful to provide the reason one of our dispatchers gave you, i.e. unexpected traffic, weather, or previously scheduled move.

4) Customer service of staff

How was your experience when you booked the move? Was our Moving Specialist Team helpful and kind? Did we thoroughly explain what to expect on the day before and the day of your move? We believe that although moving doesn’t have the “glitz and glamour” that other services have, it all begins with customer service and treating our customers as part of the family. We strive to relieve some of the stress of relocating and if we were able to do that for you, we would love to hear about!

You can find Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. on many of the online review forums. If you would like to post a moving review directly to our website, click here for our Customer Review page.

If your moving experience was less than perfect we would like to hear why and what steps we as a company can take to rectify it. Please give one of our Moving Specialists a call at 773-268-1700 or email us directly here.

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