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Top 5 Closet Organization Tips

Published on April 28th, 2016 by

With the arrival of spring (and hopefully warmer, sunnier days), it’s time to get your home ready and do some spring cleaning! One of the last places we want to clean is our closet.

Why would we?

It’s a mess and after a while, we tend to just use one section with our favorites and ignore the rest of our belongings! Well no more of that – we’ve got some tips on how you can make your closet work for you.

1. Divide and Conquer

Before you even get started, don’t attempt to tackle the entire closet at once. It will be too overwhelming! You’ll see everything on the floor, the bed, the chair, you’ll run out of time and stuff it all back in. Instead, choose to do certain areas each day. For example, shoes on Saturday, dresses on Sunday, belts/ties on Monday, etc. Breaking it up into smaller, more manageable projects helps you stay on task and get it done.

2. Save, Donate, Sell, Trash

Take some trash bags or old boxes and organize your belongings into categories: save, donate, sell or trash. Mark each bag or box with the category and get to sorting! (With your save items, you can decide to just keep these in your closet.)

If you have a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in the last 12-24 months, it might be time to either sell them or donate them. Don’t hold onto items you aren’t wearing – clear it out! If you have a garment you’ve been holding onto forever even though it’s in poor condition, trash it. Looking for a place to donate? Check out our partner, Zealous Good. They team up with local charities needing donations and if you have the item needed, they’ll pair you up.

3. Similarity

When you organizing your closet, group similar items together. Make a section just for tank tops, short sleeve shirts, evening dresses, dress shirts, work slacks, etc. Not only does this make it easier to organize, it’s much easier when you’re trying to find something in a rush.

4. “No More Wire Hangers!”

Toss the wire hangers and invest in some thin, space-saving hangers. Not only will they provide you with more space in the closet, they also help better preserve your clothes. It’s an investment but definitely worth it in the long run! You can find these at the Container Store, Target and sometimes HomeGoods.

5. Shoes…

Shoes always seem to be the most difficult item to organize in a closet. They end up on the closet floor, cluttering the space or you’ve kept the cardboard box from the store. Ditch the cardboard. Invest in some plastic translucent shoeboxes from the Container Store. They’re easy to stack plus you can actually see the shoes!

Let us know your favorite tips for organizing your closet! What made the most difference in your everyday life?

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