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Understanding Your Bill of Lading

Published on September 14th, 2015 by

The one essential piece of moving paperwork that is crucial to your move with Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc., or any moving company for that matter, is your Bill of Lading. But what exactly is a Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading is defined as “a document issued by a carrier that lists goods being shipped and specifies the terms of their transport.” (“Lading” is a verb that means “to load cargo.”) A Bill of Lading serves as the actual contract between you and your moving company of choice. The law requires that a moving company provide you with a Bill of Lading with the following information clearly stated:

  1. The moving company’s legal name and address and–for Illinois moves–the Authority to Operate number given by the Illinois Commerce Commission. (Aaron Bros. is ILL C.C. 28205 MC-C, those numbers at the bottom of this page.)
  2. Your name and contact information.
  3. The address of where you are moving from and the address to where you are moving to.
  4. The time/window of time and date of pickup and delivery.
  5. Valuation insurance (set by you the shipper) and/or the minimum carrier liability (set by the state.)
  6. The method of payment expected upon delivery.
  7. The final price of your move.

Other important information that may be on the Bill of Lading include–but is not limited too–the moving truck identification number and/or the names of the moving crew assigned to your moving job.

Although the style and look of Bill of Ladings may vary from moving company to moving company, they should all list clearly the above information. Be wary if it does not, and do not sign any paperwork that hasn’t been explained to you. We recommend keeping the Bill of Lading in an easily accessible place throughout and after your move.

The Illinois Movers’ and Warehousemen’s Association is a wonderful resource for all things moving. You can access more information on Bill of Ladings on their website,

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