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What to Look for in a Moving Company

Published on June 10th, 2013 by

Finding the right local movers begins with simply knowing what you should be looking for in a reputable moving company. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. would like to highlight some examples of how We Move Chicago and why you can find professional movers with our moving company.

What to Look for in a Moving Company

Free Estimates

Whether you are just looking for moving quotes or ready to schedule a specific day, Aaron Bros. will always give you a free estimate. You can do this over the phone, in-home, or through utilizing our virtual walk-through option. As a personable company, we prefer to speak with you over the phone. Our logistics professionals will gather information regarding your move including; to and from addresses, number of rooms, large items, etc. Most conversations last 10-15 minutes and the sole purpose is to gather as much information as possible to better estimate your moving time and quote. You will not be charged to discuss your move in whatever option you prefer, even in-home estimates.

No Deposit Required

Aaron Bros. will never ask you up front for a deposit on your move or to hold a reservation. Instead, our logistics professionals will simply go over the above free estimate in detail including our rates and minimum and the available days and times of the move. The next step when you book your move is to “schedule you” into our calender on the agreed upon time slot. The day before your move, you can expect to get a confirmation phone call from our office. We will never require money up front and currently we do not have a cancellation fee. We work off your good faith, as you do ours.


Our rates for on-peak and off-peak moving times are explained to you at the time you schedule your move with Aaron Bros. We require a two hour minimum and only charge in 15 min increments after you reach the two hour mark. We do not charge extra for oversize items, stairs, elevators, weekend moves, or any other miscellaneous situation that some companies sneak in when it is time to pay your bill. Our logistic team and moving crew will always be upfront regarding any and all fees your move requires. When it comes to your bill we believe in forthright information, not surprises.

Licensed and Insured

Aaron Bros is a licensed and insured moving company since 1969. The sequence of letters and numbers that you can find on the bottom left-hand corner of every one of our website pages (ILL C.C. 28205 MC-C!) shows that we have license to move through the state of Illinois. You can trust our movers to be professional and efficient and to withhold the standards set forth by the state of Illinois. We are also insured as a business, as well as our employees in case something to them happens on the job. Additional insurance can be purchased for your items during your move. Please inquire about insurance with one of our logistics professionals.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is a great resource when researching any business and their relationship with consumers. Aaron Bros. currently has a “A” rating with the BBB and have been members since 2005. For more information regarding how we achieved this rating, click here.

 Website/Listing Information

All of our company information can be found consistently the same on our website, through search engines like Google, and in paper directories. We are transparent in our mission to move Chicago professionally, efficiently, and at industry competitive pricing. As always, we are a proud, family-owned business and if your answers cannot be found online, feel free to speak to a live person about any questions or concerns.

Happy Moving with Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc!




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