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Who To Notify When It’s Time To Move

Published on August 14th, 2013 by

Changing your address before your big moving day can sometimes be as daunting as packing up all of the items in your home. Compiling a list of the individuals and companies that require this new information beforehand can help you stay organized and de-stressed as you prepare for your relocation. 

The Post Office–Notify the post office of your change of address by completing the “change of address” form either in person or online. Customize the date of change to a few days before you will be in your new home to ensure that no mail delivery is missed.

State and Government–Illinois Secretary of State’s office allows you 10 days to change your driver’s license to your new address. You can do this in person at local DMV sites or online here. Also keep in mind that your Voter Registration Card and car title need to be changed as well.

Employer–Make sure to notify your company’s human resource department for paycheck, automatic deposit, and tax paper work needs.

Utilities–You will need to cancel service at your old location for your gas/electric/water/cable and schedule installation for new services at your new address.

Credit Cards, Debts, and Your Bank–If you owe people money, let them know of your new address. Many credit card companies have online forms that are simple to fill out that will automatically update your mailing profile. Include the change of address to all your financial institutes and any government bonds. Also, don’t forget to order new checks for your personal use.

Insurance–Notify your home, health, and car insurance of your new information.

Doctor’s Office and Schools–Let all of your doctors (including for your children and pets) of your new address along with any schools you and your family may attend.

Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions–Unless you want your old neighbors reading your Chicago Tribune and People Magazine, remember to have these mailings forwarded to your new home.

Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. recommends staying on familiar terms with one of your old neighbors so they can keep a lookout for any mail that may fall through the cracks. 

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