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Why We Move for Hunger

Published on April 5th, 2013 by

Move for Hunger is a wonderful charity that was founded by New Jersey native–and fellow mover himself–Adam Lowy in 2009. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has partnered with them because it is a great concept that can potentially help the 807,690 people in Cook County that rely on food assistance every year here in Illinois.

As people get ready to move, usually the first thing to do is go through and dwindle down their items; gather last years clothes to get rid of, those random Christmas gifts you may have received from distance relatives, and the half-empty bottles of toiletries we hang on to.

But what about your cupboards?! Move for Hunger’s idea is simple. Instead of tossing those cans of tomato soup and boxes of unopened pasta, you let your movers donate them to a local food bank without ever leaving your old (or new!) home. By getting involved you are showcasing your charitable nature by giving your unused food to a great cause just by notifying Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. that you would like to participate.

There are three easy ways to let us know you’d like to donate: 1) you can check the “I’d like to participate in Move for Hunger” box on our “Estimate Sheet” 2) let one of our logistics specialist know while you are booking via telephone or 3) submit your request through our “Contact Us'” Form. All you do from there is set aside the cans (we can provide a box!) or pack the nonperishables yourself and we will take it from there!

Once you let us know that you would like to get involved, your Moving Crew will load the boxes you designate for Move for Hunger onto the moving truck and bring it back to our headquarters. Once a month we make a delivery to the Greater Chicago Food Depository which is our food bank of choice. The Greater Chicago Food Depository has a network of 650 food pantries, shelters, and soup kitchens and provides 135,000 meals a day to men, women, and children in Cook County.

The face of hunger is rapidly changing. It is not just the homeless person on the side of the street anymore, but the children in our kids’ schools, our elderly neighbor, or the newly out-of-work family member. We need your help Chicago and it’s as simple as letting us take the food you may normally disregard and letting Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.–on behalf of Move for Hunger–delivery it to the good people at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

For more information on Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc’s commitment to Move for Hunger click here.

For more information on Move for Hunger click here.



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