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Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.’s Terms and Conditions

Published on March 5th, 2018 by

Thank you for scheduling your upcoming move with Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.! Please take a few moments to review our company’s “Terms and Conditions” in preparation of your move.

Mover’s Liability

Please find below a condensed list of Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. Liability for all residential and commercial moving jobs. Further detail can be found on the back of your “Bill of Lading.”

Aaron Bros. Movers will inspect and make note of any existing damage or wear-and-tear to items as they see it, if applicable.

Aaron Bros. cannot be held liable for documents, currency, money, jewelry, or any articles/items of value that are not specifically listed on the Bill of Lading. We recommend that these items be handled by you and you ONLY.

Except in cases of negligence, Aaron Bros. is not liable for the mechanical or electrical functioning of any item such as but not limited to: televisions, computers, sound systems/equipment, pianos, refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, washers/dryers, and/or any other appliance.

Aaron Bros. is not responsible for items inside of boxes that were not packed by our company unless there is a clear evidence of mishandling. Please pack all boxes with care and make sure to tape all bottoms securely.

Particle Board Furniture (i.e. furniture pieces that are commonly sold at Ikea, Target, Walmart, etc.) is not meant to be transported assembled and in most cases, cannot withstand the normal stress of a move. Aaron Bros. is not liable for any damage to such furniture. Please refer to your “Estimated Cost of Services” form for more information.

Damage Claim Information

Please find below Aaron Bros’. procedure for any damage claim. Further detail can be found on the back of your “Bill of Lading.”

All claims most be filed in writing within 90 days of your performed move. Photographs and a description of the damage can be emailed to or mailed to Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc., 4034 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, 60653. Please include your name and date of move.

A moving bill must be paid in full before claims are addressed. This means if damage occurs on-site, you are still responsible to pay for your move in its entirety before submitting a damage claim.

Per the state of Illinois, a “released value” of 30 cents per pound per article is INCLUDED within your moving rate. This means if an item is damaged, Aaron Bros. assumes liability for no more than 30 cents per pound per article. For example, if a couch weighing 150 pounds valued at $1,000 is damaged Aaron Bros. is only liable for $45.00 (150lbs x .30 cent).

Additional valuation can be purchased upon request. This is called “full valuation” and customers who opt to purchase this–in additional to their hourly rate–are insuring all their items being moved. A breakdown of cost associated with this option is:

  • $10,000 worth of coverage = an additional $50
  • $20,000 worth of coverage = an additional $75
  • $30,000 worth of coverage = an additional $100

If damage occurs during this option, Aaron Bros. will try to repair the item to make it whole again. If we are unable to repair the damage we will either 1) replace with a similar item or 2) make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value. For example, if the same above couch is damaged, Aaron Bros. will either pay to repair the damage or purchase the couch from you minus the depreciated rate.

Aaron Bros. has the right to inspect and repair any alleged damage items. Damage will be adjusted on the depreciated value of the item based upon the cost to repair or replace with like kind and quality not to exceed the lump sum value declared, whichever is less.

You can also purchase “Third-party Moving Insurance” by calling your current home insurance provider, if applicable. Some companies include coverage for moves, whereas others are willing to add on moving coverage to your existing policy for a small fee. Costs for this kind of coverage vary significantly but are usually based on the declared value of your possessions. To arrive at this number, you need to catalog everything you’ll be moving and estimate the cost for replacement.

If damage occurs during this option, Aaron Bros. remains liable for the amount up to 30 cents per pound per article; but the rest of the loss is recoverable from the insurance company up to the amount of insurance you purchased.

Please sign and date below and email to before your scheduled move acknowledging that you have reviewed the above information.

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