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8 Week Moving Timeline

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So you’re about 8 weeks out before you need to move with a full to-do list of everything you need to take care of. Where to begin? How do you organize yourself to make sure you get everything done?

Our 8 Week Moving Timeline will help put in perspective which tasks need to happen when and help you get organized.

8 Weeks

  • Get Organized
    • One of the main keys to a successful move is staying organized. Sounds easier said then done, right? If you go into the process with a plan to follow, it becomes much easier to stay on task. Create a master to do list, using this 8 Week Moving Timeline as your starting point, as well as these tips for planning your move. Add additional details specific to your home, life, etc. to make sure everything you need to do is on the list. Begin to assign due dates for each task. And maybe to make things fun, you reward yourself at the end of each week when you’ve successfully completed the week’s tasks! You can even prepare for your move with floor plans!
  • Call Aaron Bros.
    • Another key item to a successful (and less stressful) move is hiring movers. Submit your info for a free moving estimate or give us a call, we’ll help you get started.
  • Start Sorting
    • This can become very overwhelming quickly so we recommend either taking on one room at a time or if your family and friends are helping out, assign rooms. Take an inventory of all your furniture and items, determining what you want to “keep”, “donate” (or “sell”), “store” or “toss”. To keep things straight, you can either create sections in your home for each category or use different colored Post-It notes to assign your belongings to each category. This may seem like a pain but it will pay off in the long run!

7 Weeks

  • Purchase Packing Materials
    • Once you finished your inventory and categorizing your belongings, it’s almost time to start packing. For the most efficient packing, make sure you have all of the materials you need: boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels, markers, etc. You can order boxes and bubble wrap from Aaron Bros. Just give us a call!
  • Host a Garage Sale
    • We’ll have more details on hosting a garage sale in next week’s blog post but if you have items you’d like to sell, a great way to do that is by hosting a garage sale. Stay tuned for our tips!

6 Weeks

  • Donate Items to Zealous Good
    • If after your inventory, you realized you have some furniture, clothing, kitchen supplies, and other items you would like to donate, visit our partner, Zealous Good. In short, you can list the items you have to donate on their website and they will match you with a local charity/organization seeking those very same items. For more information on Zealous Good, click here.

5 Weeks

  • Book Your Move with Aaron Bros.
    • If you haven’t done so already, contact Aaron Bros. and book your move. Although we often conduct last-minute moves, it’s less stress on you to call sooner so that you are assured that your moving date is booked on our schedule.

4 Weeks

  • Pack Non-Essentials
    • Halfway through the 8 Week Moving Timeline. You’re doing good! Start packing those non-essential items that you don’t need on a daily basis. For instance, start wrapping those picture frames in bubble wrap and get ‘em in a box. Pack up the books off your shelves, you won’t have time to read these next 4 weeks. Get these non-essential items packed so as you move closer and closer to your move date, you only the essential, every day items to pack.
  • Notify Utilities & Accounts
    • Make sure you contact your utility companies (i.e. electric, gas, cable/internet, etc.) along with credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, etc. Let them know you are moving and need to change your address (and possibly transfer service) to your new home.

3 Weeks

  • Change of Address to USPS
    • Visit the United States Postal Service’s website and submit your official change of address. This will guarantee that you won’t miss any mail and will activate a forwarding address for any mail sent to you on the date you assign.
  • Donate Food Items to Move For Hunger
    • Although you still have 3 weeks until your moving day, there are probably some non-perishable food items that you just don’t need to move to your new home. Our partner, Move For Hunger, can help you donate those items to a local food bank such as the Greater Chicago Food Depository (GCFD). To learn more about how this works, contact one of our representatives to receive more information and next steps.

2 Weeks

  • Pack, Pack, Pack!
    • 2 weeks left before moving day and you’re almost through the 8 Week Moving Timeline! Hopefully at this point you’re at a good place with packing everything up but either way: pack, pack, pack!
  • Safely Store Valuables
    • It’s always a good idea to designate a special place for your valuables including jewelry, smaller electronics (i.e. tablets, laptop, etc.), important paperwork (i.e. birth certificate, will, etc.). You may decide that you want to keep these close. Create a special box for these items – on moving day, it goes into your car. This way you don’t have to try and keep track of it on moving day and it’s one less thing to think about.

1 Week

  • Confirm Moving Details
    • Reach out to Aaron Bros. and any other vendors involved in your moving (i.e. contact at new home, etc.) to just make sure everyone is on the same page. Confirm all details including date, time, elevator reservation (if applicable), etc. If you’re having your new (or old) home cleaned, confirm with the cleaning company as well.
  • Pack Suitcase with Essentials
    • It’s down to the nitty-gritty within our 8 Week Moving Timeline! Grab a suitcase and throw in a 2 days worth of clothes, have your toiletries ready and any other essential items you may need within your first couple of days at your new home. You’ll be tired when you first move in, it will feel as if you have a lot to do, the last thing you want to think about is “where is my toothbrush?” On moving day, you can simply toss the suitcase in your car for easy access.
  • Keep Important Documents Handy
    • Make sure any documents pertaining to your move (i.e. Aaron Bros. confirmation, new lease, etc.) are handy. Possibly store them in your essentials suitcase for easy access in case you may need them.

Moving Day

  • Move!
    • It’s finally here! You’ve made it through the 8 Week Moving Timeline and you are finally moving today. Our best advice is work with your movers to ensure things are placed and re-assembled exactly as needed when you reach your new home.

We offer many more moving and home resources on our blog including organizational tips, how to make moving fun with young children, checklists and more!

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