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Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.’s Tips for Back-to-School

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Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.’s Tips for Back-to-School

Parents rejoice! Back to school time is upon us and Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has your “to do” list to get you and your kids ready for September.

1) School/Classroom Supplies

Chicago and suburban public schools and most private schools already have grade appropriate school supply lists posted online or found at local megastores like Target and/or Staples. Remember to shop smart! A lot of the items on the school supply/classroom lists can be found at discounted dollar stores, such as cleaning supplies, folders, and notebooks. Purchase what you can there, especially if you are working on a fixed budget or buying for multiple children. Our only tip is don’t skimp on everything. Some essential items–like pencils, crayons, and/or colored pencils–are not the highest of quality when purchased at a discounted store and may break easily when put to the test, costing you more in the long run.

2) Uniforms

Keep your eyes open for sales and buy in bulk if possible. Always remember to check your school’s specific uniform guidelines so you are purchasing the appropriate color and style of clothing.

3) Back-to-school Clothes

August is traditionally the month to shop for new back-to-school clothes. Any savvy shopper can find great deals online and in-stores. But before you run off to purchase new outfits, we recommend going through and sorting out each child’s closet and drawers. Not only will you make space for new clothes but you will also get an accurate overview of what needs to be purchased for the upcoming school year. If you are not ready to part with last years pieces why not consider passing them on, selling them to a local consignment shop, or renting a small self-storage unit. (Hint! Hint!)

4) Medical Records/Dr. Appointments

We can guarantee that whether you have one, two, or three children (or more!) some combination of that number will need to see a doctor before entering their next grade. If you haven’t remembered to make that appointment for a physical, dental cleaning, or eye exam already, we strongly suggest you do so now. As the month of August dwindles away from us so will available appointment times. And don’t forget those medical forms that need to be filled out! These forms can be found online at your respective schools’ website or, most doctors’ offices have them on site upon request.

5) School Dues

Whether your child attends private or public school, you may be required to pay dues for your child’s school. Find out what you are required to pay and if need be, ask for a payment program to ease any financial burden.

6) Classroom/School Visits

Most schools will allow you and your child to visit the classroom/school ahead of time. This is recommended for any student attending a new school for the first time, or for a child who may struggle with separation anxiety. This is a great time to meet new teachers and reinforce what a great school year your child has ahead of them. Remember to remind your child of just how cool their new classroom/school/teacher is and how much they will learn and grow throughout the course of the school year.

7) Sleep Routines

The days of staying up late during summer is quickly coming to an end (every parent reading this, just did a dance of joy!) You can help ease the earlier bedtime routine by beginning to reinforce an earlier bedtime now. We suggest working in increments. If your 8 year old is staying up until 10pm but you have a school night bedtime goal of 8:30pm, take these next few weeks to begin putting said 8 year old to bed 15 mins earlier until you reach your goal.

8) Create Calendars

Whether per school or per child, we recommend creating a calendar and keeping it in a prominent location in your house, like the kitchen or family room. This calendar should list important school events, daily hot/cold lunch information, important dates to remember for parents and any extra curricular information you’re destined to forget without a visual aid.

9) Test Run Anyone?

Don’t second guess your back-to-school routine! Do a test run before the first day of school to get a better idea of time needed for a smooth morning. This will allow you to see exactly what time everyone needs to be up and moving so you are not thrown into chaos on the first day of school.

10) One Last Hurrah!

Our favorite back-to-school tip that is beneficial for everyone in the family is go out and celebrate the remaining days of summer with one last special outing/activity/event before the school year starts. Whether you spend the day quietly at home or embark on an outdoor adventure; this can be quality time spent between parents and child before everyone gets back to the “school year grind.” This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns your little ones may have prior to starting the new school year and our time as parents to reinforce that no matter what they are supported and loved.

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