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How to Pack Your Storage Unit

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Here at Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc., we have found that there are two important factors when renting a self-storage unit:

First, it is important to rent the correct storage unit size best suited for your needs. You can find information on what typical storage sizes we (and most self-storage facilities) offer here, or just ask your Facility Manager for help.

Second, it is important to properly pack your storage unit upon renting it. If you will be a tenant who rents the storage space from us but never comes to retrieve anything (out of sight, out of mind) then you can pack the unit as well as any Tetris Master and call it a day. However; if you are a tenant who will rotate seasonal items, or come in frequently to add and remove belongings, it is best advised to have a plan of how to proper pack your storage space. If that sounds like your game plan, then keep reading!

1) Stack those boxes, but please no plastic bags!

As you pack to move your belongings to storage, try to use at most three different box sizes. This will come in handy as you stack boxes within your storage space. Keep in mind that most storage sizes are 8 feet tall so stacking up and staying well-balanced is important. Remember to clearly label each box and group like boxes together such as, kitchen boxes with kitchen boxes, living room with living room, etc. We also recommend turning boxes so that all the labels face towards you as you view the entirety of the storage unit. Lastly, it may seem cost-effective to pack items in plastic garbage bags, however, we strongly advise against it. Plastic bags are not stack-able and allow for mildew.

2) Map it out!

Pack your storage unit right by creating a map or floor-plan of where all your items should go. Whether the map is real or just in your head, it is best to have a plan of how to place your boxes, furniture, and frequently used belongings. Valuables and items that will stay in place during the duration of your stay, like large furniture items, should be placed towards the back of the unit. Items that you may frequently take in and out of the storage unit, should be placed towards the front so you have easy access to them. And remember to leave an aisle to walk through. Properly packing the unit will save you a lot of time and energy when you come to get something out. Many times we have seen tenants spend more time pulling items out just to get one thing then they actually spend in the storage unit…don’t be that tenant!

3) Maximize space

Think of all the ways you can maximize your storage unit space. Can you take the legs off of your dining room table? Can you stack smaller items within that refrigerator or stove? Use the perimeter of the storage unit for large furniture like mattresses and dressers, and fill-in the space accordingly. Make appropriate sized stacks of boxes with the heavier boxes as your foundation.

4) Inventory your belongings

Whether you use color-coded masking tape or hand-written charts, we recommend creating an inventory of your items being stored. This is important because it will allow you to recall what’s inside your storage unit if and when you need access to them. It is also important because if (and sometimes it happens) you need to file an insurance claim, then you will have an accurate account of what was inside.

Now your ready to move into one of our storage facilities! Check out the Chicago Sun Times for our current move-in special coupon!

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