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Mover’s Tips for Packing Electronics

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The task of packing your electronics can be daunting for most people. There are cords and plugs and more cords and plugs and lots of color components and connection spots we are suppose to remember. Perhaps you are the small percentage of people who are organized enough to keep the directions to the multimedia center you have created for yourself, whether in your living room or home office. If you are on the other end of the spectrum; those of us who either misplace or disregard these helpful tidbits, taking the time while packing your electronics can save you frustration and time at your new home.

Items you will need for this task:

*Writeable Tape or adhesive
*Zipties or twisty ties
*Bubble Wrap
*Small Boxes

(Hint–Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. is a full service packing company…we have packing material and deliver those orders of $100 or more)

Label Cords

Before crackling your knuckles and really getting into the rhythm of unplugging everything, take a moment to note what exactly plugs into what on each of your electronics and devices. Wrap each cord and component with the markable adhesive and label what electronic it belongs to. Think of it has creating a map of how to get the device functioning again once disconnected. It doesn’t have to be factory perfect as long as it makes sense to you.

Disconnect with Caution

Now it is time to disconnect and wrap the cords to avoid a tangled mess later. If the above labeled cord(s) can stay intact on the electronic without compromising safe packing, leave it in place. Whether the cords can stay on the electronic or needs to be removed, securely wrap the cords and secure with the Zipties or twisty ties. For loose cords, tape them directly to the device itself once they are wrapped.

Hunting and Gathering

Now that all the pieces are disconnected, tagged, and bound, round up and organize the components of each device. And for my organized reader who kept their instruction manuals for each piece of your entertainment center/office…you might as well throw these in the pile as well!

Take a Break

We’re halfway there! Go grab a refreshment…you deserve it!

Securely Wrapping the Electronics

Wrap each electronic individually. For added protection, the purchase of foam sheet absorbents can be placed on monitors, screens, and all delicate areas of each electronic for added protection before bubble wrap. Wrap each device securely in 2-3 layers of bubble wrap and secure with adhesive. Label what each device is.

Box it

Place wrapped electronics inside small boxes. Remember to fill in any loose space with newspaper or additional bubble wrap to minimize any shock that can occur during transport.

Added Tip…Your Flat Screen TV

Flat screen televisions are an expensive addition and probably the focal point of your multimedia center so it goes without saying that they too should be packed with extra care. Begin by following the above steps on cord removal and labeling. Next, cover the large surface area of the TV screen with a blanket or large sheet or something similar. Make sure the material is clean before using it since any debris can possibly damage the delicate flat screen. Wrap the blanket tightly around the front and back of the television as many times as you can and secure with adhesive. Next, wrap the TV in 2-3 layers of bubble wrap. Be sure to include the base of the television as well and tape. Finally, be creative and make a custom box out of miscellaneous cardboard to fit the flat screen if you are of the majority who not only disregards instructions, but also original boxes!

And now your electronics are packed and ready for relocation!

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