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Moving Checklist

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Sort and Declutter!–Go through every room in your house and decide what you will take with you and what you will discard. (Don’t forget to sort through junk drawers and cabinets too.) Remember to donate gently-worn clothes, toys, and/or books to local charities or churches. You can visit ZealousGood.com, a local organization that pairs donors with charities in need of your items, for more information on donating within the Chicago area.

Inventory–Make a list of everything of value you plan to move and determine replacement value for insurance purposes.



Your New Home!–Finalize your rental or real estate agreement.

Records! Records! Records!–Obtain copies of medical records for each member of your family, including any pets. If you have school-aged children, obtain the current school records, or have them sent to the new school.

To Keep or Not to Keep…–Begin to use up things you don’t want to move like frozen foods and perishable foods. We will gladly take and donate your canned goods through our partnership with Move for Hunger. (There’s always time to be charitable!)

“I Thought it Would Fit?!–Take measurements of your larger furniture pieces, door frames and elevators in your new home AND old home. (Don’t worry, we offer storage just in case!)


I Pick…YOU!–Finalize your moving details. (You’re already on our calender, but we love to hear from all our great customers!)

Wait a Minute Mr. Postman!–Go to your local Post Office and fill out a “change-of-address” form or visit usps.gov  to fill out online. Ask any close neighbors you have to be on the lookout in case there are any pieces of mail that may fail to be rerouted to your new address.

“Just So You Know..”–Notify your current utility providers to disconnect services the day after your scheduled move. New services for your new address should be activated several days before you arrive. Also make sure to contact your bank, Department of Motor Vehicles, insurance carrier, and your employer’s human resources with your new address.

Packman!–If you’re packing your house by yourself, order supplies and start the process with those items you don’t use every day, like that old crockpot or wedding china set. (And how convenient that we also sell and sometimes deliver boxes and wrapping material.)

Label Me!–Clearly label and number each box with its contents and the room it is destined for. This will help you keep track of your inventory and belongings.


Valuables–Separate your valuables such as jewelry and important files and documents in  a safe-deposit box that YOU will transport on the day of your move.

Refills–Contact your pharmacy and stock up on any prescriptions you may need for the next few weeks.

Packman…Take Two!–Finish packing and labeling your remaining boxes. (Have you called us for supplies yet?!)

“Why Thank You!–Prepare your payment for the movers. We currently accept cash or credit cards.


Essentials are Essential–Pack your overnight suitcase with clothes, toiletries, medicine and any other items you will need immediately.

Moving Time!–Accompany the mover as he or she inventories your possessions. Sign the bill of lading and make sure the address, email, and phone number are correct so we can say, “thank you!”

“I’m Out of Here!–Make sure do to a final walk-through with your movers to make sure all boxes and furniture were removed and nothing is left behind. Lock windows, turn off lights, close all your doors and get ready to go to your new home!

We hope you enjoyed reading thorough our moving checklist.

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