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Business Storage

Published on April 10th, 2013 by

Space is limited in the city, especially for Business Storage. And every business owner knows that employees are more productive with a clean and neat work space  So, whether you are an established company or brand-spanking new, chances are your office could need some de-cluttering and Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has your business storage solution.

With four convenient locations around Chicago, Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. can help make your office more productive by lending you the Business Storage needed to grow your clientele and portfolio, not your collection of office junk. Stay organized by keeping paper work, equipment, and inventory safe at one of our Business Storage units. You’ll never have to misplace important documents or shuffle around inventory from one office corner to another again. You’ll always know where everything you need is located and it is our business to keep it safe so you can get back to work.

Business Storage is the perfect solution if you are renovating your office, storing seasonal items or promotional material, or archiving important files and documents. Businesses who can benefit from self storage are:

Restaurants: All these cute Chicago bistro come alive in the summertime, but where can you put the seasonal dinette and chair sets when the weather turns? With us of course! And this applies to catering equipment, seasonal decorations and promotional signage as well.

Legal/Medical/Financial Offices: Paperwork and these professions go hand-in-hand. Self-storage is the perfect solution for the documents you need to keep but simply do not have the space for. Keep your company’s files organized at one of our facilities.

Contractors: Instead of a briefcase, you work with heavy, obtuse machinery that will probably make your home garage overflow. There’s no simple way to stash your lawn care, power tools, or snow removal gear and many of these tools are not needed for day-to-day jobs. You can keep them in storage, only using the tools you need on a job-to-job basis.

Realtor: Keep promotional material, signage and all the extra props you have up your sleeve to land that sale safe in storage.

Event Planners: If your forte is planning special occasions, chances are you need to have an abundance of candles, linen, and decor of all kinds on hand. Keep your creative space clear by utilizing one of our units.

Internet Salers: Selling over the internet can be a lucrative career if you stay organized and keep proper inventory of items for sale. Keep your home-base office clutter-free and use self-storage to keep your items safe and ready to ship when sold.

Once your business is ready for storage, contact Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. to move the items to your storage facility of choice! You can be clutter-free and back to business in no time!

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