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Attempting to move a piano might seem as difficult as moving a kitchen appliance or wardrobe. Due to the inner mechanics of a piano, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If not, you have no idea how challenging the process can be. Simply put, one wrong move can result in serious damage to this instrument or the individuals attempting to move this themselves. Aaron Bros.’ moving services includes specially trained and highly experienced piano movers in Chicago, Illinois. We want to ensure your piano makes it from point A to point B in perfect condition.

We Have the Equipment to Handle Your Piano Moving Needs

In addition to being a cumbersome process, there is also the issue of the special equipment needed to pull off the job. If you want to tackle the move on your own, you will likely have to borrow, buy or rent this special moving equipment which can be quite expensive. Instead of exerting that time, energy, and money, you can call our piano movers in Chicago. We will handle the job professionally and efficiently.

Piano Moving Needs

We have many satisfied customers who have used our piano-moving services who you can speak with. You will quickly discover how efficient and careful we are every step of the way.

Types Of Pianos We Move

Over the years we have moved hundreds of pianos into and out of Chicago homes. As Chicago’s piano movers, we’ve safely transported pianos of all sizes from high rises in the South Loop neighborhood to townhomes in Logan Square. Here are the most common types of pianos we transfer:

  • Upright Pianos –
    • Also known as a vertical piano, this style is often found in smaller, limited spaces since it can be placed up against a wall. The strings of an upright piano are vertically strung so it still sounds well while occupying the least amount of space possible.
    • The dimensions for this piano are often 58 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 60 inches high. Of course, these dimensions can vary depending on the age, manufacturer and model.
  • Grand Pianos –
    • When you think about a piano in a movie or television show, this is often the style that is depicted. A grand piano is among the largest styles found in homes. On average, a grand piano is about 5 feet across but can be as large as 9’6” for even larger models used in concert halls.
    • Because this style of piano is so large, it is often the most complicated to move. Extra care from a professional piano moving company will be necessary to move this instrument as seamlessly as possible. As one of the top piano moving companies in Chicago, Aaron Bros is fully prepared to help you move this grand instrument.
  • Electronic Pianos –
    • While this style of piano is significantly more compact than a vertical or baby grand piano, that doesn’t diminish how much care should be applied when moving this instrument.

Regardless of the size or style of your piano, we will provide all of the piano safe packing materials to ensure your precious instrument will be transported with the utmost care. Aaron Bros. has 50 years of experience moving a variety of musical equipment across Chicago. Trust our team of professionals to move your piano this year.

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Whether you’re moving your piano across the street or across the state, our piano movers in Chicago provide the highest quality service to ensure no damages occur to your equipment. If you need to relocate your piano to a moving storage facility before your next move, then our team will also be able to help you. Regardless of when, where or how you need your musical equipment to be moved, Aaron Bros. will ensure your piano will be transported safely throughout stress-free moving service.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about our piano-moving services today and how they can help you.

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