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Common Moving Myths Busted by Our Movers in Chicago

Published on December 16th, 2021

There are lots of myths out there about movers, the moving process, and moving companies. When it comes to planning your move, you want to make sure you do it based on accurate information. Let’s bust some common moving myths!

All Moving Companies are the Same

All moving companies are certainly not the same. Different companies have different services, goals, employees, operations, services, and experiences. Do your research and pick a company that has good reviews and seems to have honest regard about their clients and their belongings (Hint: Aaron Bros.Moving System, Inc.!). Don’t assume that all moving companies will complete the same level of service, because all companies are different.

You Have to Pack Everything Yourself

Another common myth about moving companies is that you’re going to have to pack everything yourself. Packing up your belongings is sometimes even more stressful and overwhelming than the move itself. However, most moving companies do offer professional packing services. They’ll take care of the whole process so you barely even have to lift a finger from start to finish.

Your Belongings Will Get Damaged

Many people have the concern that hiring a moving company is a risk because the movers will damage their belongings. However, if you pick a dependable company, you don’t have to worry about them mishandling your valuables. They are being paid to take care of your things with the utmost level of care, as it’s their one job. Moving large furniture and belongings takes strength and skill, and your professional movers should have that.

It’s Cheaper to Move Yourself

This is one of the most common moving myths. You may think it’s easier and less expensive to simply rent a moving truck. However, there are oftentimes hidden costs by taking this route that you may not think about, such as packing supplies, gas, insurance for your belongings and the truck, dolly rental, and more. We also know that time is money, and you’ll save the utmost time and stress when working with a moving company.

Moving is Always Stressful

While it may seem like a big task to take on, when you work with the right company, moving doesn’t have to be stressful contrary to popular belief. Taking small steps over a period of time and having professionals do the heavy lifting can take a lot of your plate. Although it feels like a huge endeavor, while moving is a big deal, it doesn’t have to be the most stressful thing!

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The team at Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. strives to make your move as easy, fast, and efficient as possible. Moving by yourself will only make your to-do list much bigger and seemingly impossible to conquer. Our professional team can handle all of your moving needs and will show you exceptional customer service. If you want to work with the best movers in Hyde Park and surrounding areas for commercial moving, professional moving, or long distance moving, call our team to set up your move.

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