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Get “Safestor” Tenant Insurance for Self-Storage

Published on July 15th, 2013 by

Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. knows that the items you are storing are of value to you since you are opting to keep them secure as opposed to getting rid of them. That is why it is important to purchase insurance for your items whether your stay with us is short or long-term. We are proud to be partnered with “Safestor” as our tenant insurance provider of choice.

There are two common misconceptions when it comes to insurance and self-storage facilities. Firstly, many people believe their homeowner’s insurance will cover items in storage. This is sometimes true; however, coverage may be non-existence or extremely limited when the items are out of your home.

Secondly, many tenants assume that Aaron Bros.’ insurance will extend to their stored goods. This is not the case for most self-storage facilities, including our four locations. Our company insurance covers damage that could happen to the building itself and unfortunately does not include our tenant’s belongings. We do not take inventory of the items you place inside of your unit and could not know the value of these items.

We have made it easy to purchase tenant insurance through “Safestor.” “Safestor” offers affordable insurance for as “little as $0.22 a day!”  You can choose between 50% to 100% of coverage for an additional $6.95-$44.95 per month. Safestor tenant insurance covers damage or loss to your goods from fire, hurricane, tornado, wind, earthquake, vandalism, lightning, smoke, hail, building collapse, explosion, leaking water, and burglary when there is clear signs of a forced entry. You can add “Safestor” to your contract at the time of your rental agreement or at any point afterwards.

Aaron Bros. and our affiliates do our best to take all precautions at our facilities. Unforeseen and unexpected losses can happen and it is best to have peace of mind while your items are out of your sight.

Ask your facility manager how to add “Safestor” to your self-storage unit today!

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