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Hunger & The Holidays

Published on March 5th, 2018 by

At Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. we have a lot to be thankful for. We are thankful for our customers, for our employees, and for our friends & family. We are thankful for Chicago: The city we call home. And we are thankful that we have food on our plates this holiday season. Not everyone is so lucky, though, which is why we’ve partnered with Move For Hunger to help feed those in need!

Hunger Statistics in Chicago

Did you know that 1 in 5 Chicagoans don’t know where they are going to get their next meal? That’s 20% of the population of Chicago who are considered “food insecure”. Some parts of the city have higher rates of food insecurity than others, but the net result is that too many people in Chicago are deprived of their most basic needs.

What Is Move For Hunger?

Move For Hunger is an organization which helps feed less-than-fortunate families in Chicago and beyond. What’s the idea? Well, as we’re sure you’re aware, when people move, they often don’t take everything with them. For a lot of people, moving is a time to declutter their lives—to go through all their possessions and get rid of the things that they no longer use. Unfortunately though, for a lot of people, this includes going through their pantries and throwing away perfectly good food items. Move For Hunger sees this as an opportunity to help our hungry brothers and sisters by reallocating these food items to food banks and community kitchens.

How Can You Do Your Part?

If you’re moving, you can help feed the hungry! And the best part? It couldn’t be easier. Simply set aside the non-perishable food items that you would otherwise discard. Give Move For Hunger a call, and their crew will come to your home, pack up the food items you’ve set aside, and deliver it to a local food pantry. The food pantry will sort and distribute your donations to local families in need! It truly has never been so easy to give back.

Be thankful for what you have this year! If you have questions about Move For Hunger or are planning on moving this holiday season and would like to give back, give Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc. a call to discuss how we can help! Have a happy holiday season!

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