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Hyde Park Self Storage

Published on April 3rd, 2013 by

Hyde Park Self Storage

Reasons Why College Students use Hyde Park Self Storage:

1) You are going back home for the summer and do not have the space for your college desk, bed, or mini-refrigerator in your childhood bedroom.

2) You are traveling abroad and certainly can’t pack all the memorabilia you’ve grown accustomed to since the beginning of your college career.

3) You are getting a new roommate and their love-seat/microwave/entertainment center is more hip than yours.

4) You are graduating and taking a chance at that dream job but it’s across country or only pays enough for a studio and you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the past fours years of your “stuff.”

Whatever your reason for needing self-storage, let our Hyde Park location help! Hyde Park Self Storage was the second addition to our moving and storage business established in 1991. It is conveniently located miles away from the University of Chicago campus, and we have smaller sized units perfect to fit your dorm-size needs.  This facility is monitored daily with two on-site managers, so your belongings are always cared for.

Don’t forget about our movers too! When it comes time to move out of your dorm and into Self-Storage, you may find all of your friends have finals or are busy securing their own commencement plans. Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. can load your furniture and boxes and deliver them to Hyde Park Self-Storage for a fast and efficient way to get your summer started right.

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