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Moving Services for Senior Citizens

Published on August 5th, 2013 by

Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has many services that provide the senior citizen community with ease and comfort when it comes time to move. Whether you are relocating to a retirement community, a relative’s home, or downsizing in general, our moving company is here to help you along the way. 

Full Packing Capabilities

Aaron Bros. can send out a Moving Crew to pack your belongings and dismantle your furniture either the day before OR the day of the move. We will come equip with packing material and boxes so there is no extra trip needed to hunt down supplies.


We understand that many valuables may have been collected over the years of your rich lifetime. Our Crews have experience packing and securely transporting delicate pieces of art, having worked many years for local museums and collectors.

Disposal of Items/Storage

As our Moving Crews work to pack your items, we can also aid in sorting through the belongings you wish to disregard completely or wish to store. We can connect you to local companies that take donations through our partnership with Zealous Goods or completely remove the items ourselves. If you wish to utilize one of our self-storage facilities our Crew can deliver the miscellaneous furniture and/or boxes and place them in storage  for you.

Affordable Moving Rates

Aaron Bros. proudly offers affordable moving rates for all of Chicagoland. We also provide free estimates and require no deposit to make a moving reservation with our company. Our minimum is only two hours and our Crews will do everything in their power to move you and your items quickly and efficiently.


Once we have successfully packed and transported your things to your new home, our Crew can help with unpacking too. We will reassemble all items that require it such as beds, desks, entertainment centers, etc. and help to ensure that all items are unpacked and placed in their desired spots. We will handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy your new surroundings!


Contact Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. today for moving rates and availability.

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