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New Home Safety Checklist

Published on August 28th, 2013 by

Buying a new home is an exciting adventure for the whole family and Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. wants it to be a safe adventure too. That is why it is necessary to inspect your new home before you move in. We have compiled a condensed list of items worth looking for as you prepare for Aaron Bros. to move you on your big day.

Smoke Detectors

Make sure to check all the fire alarms in your new home and that they are present in common areas like the kitchen and living room. We recommend adding carbon monoxide detectors to these areas too. If you need to replace any smoke alarms, look for ones with dual fire and carbon monoxide capabilities.

Door Locks

If you are a city dweller, make certain to check that your apartment is equip with multiple front door locks, especially a deadbolt. Also, make sure that all window and patio door locks are functional and secure. If you are moving into a new house invest in changing all the locks over. You can not be certain if the previous owner gave away any, and if so how many, “spare keys.”


Run all the faucets in your new home to make sure they have good water pressure and that the pipes clear easily. Check the pipes if applicable for any leakage and corrosion as you run the water. Aaron Bros. also recommends locating the main water shut off value to make sure it is in good working order.


If you are moving into a new place with stairs, double check that any carpet or lining is flush to avoid any potential falls. If there are railings you want to make sure that they are securely fastened to the wall and that there are not large gaps in between that can be hazardous to the little ones and pets of your family.


Make note of all light switches and outlets. If you have small children, we suggest “baby-proofing” and covering the outlets before your big moving day. Some companies make outlet testers that will show you if the circuits are running properly. This step can go a long way in preventing instances of fire or electrical shock.

Heating/Ventilation Units

Make sure to “kick on” both the heat and air conditioning in your new home to ensure that they run properly. Also check the furnace and air conditioning units for any blockage or large accumulations of dust. Filters should be replaced seasonally, so check to see if this is something you need to replace.

Indoor Paint

Houses built before 1978 run the risk of containing lead paint which can be poisonous and cause serious health affects. If you suspect your home may have a lead-base paint, test it with an EPA certified lead test kit or hire a contractor to safely check and remove the paint.


For those of you moving into a new home make time to check the outside of the house. Note the foundation, looking for any visible cracks that may cause water damage later or for any loose siding or shingles that risk falling and hurting someone. All water drains should be inspected too to ensure that they drain away from your house.

Ensuring the safety of your new home in the beginning stages of moving will help relieve some of the stress associated with relocation. To further stress-proof your move, contact us for a free estimate and moving quote. You make sure your home is a healthy one while Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. gets your belongings there safely!




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