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An Open Letter to All Movers

Published on June 23rd, 2014 by

Cancelled Movers and the Look of Regret.

(The following letter is based upon one customer’s regretful decision to cancel their movers.)

Dear Movers,

I am writing this letter to all movers to say I am sorry. Sorry that I underestimated the physical strength and mental stamina it takes to move a two bedroom apartment into another two bedroom apartment on a very hot summer day. Sorry that, I cancelled my professional movers.

You see, I had my move booked with three Aaron Bros.’ professional movers. A prime moving timeslot, first thing in the morning. I was told by the Moving Specialist it would only take between 4-6 hours based upon the contents of my home and the skill level of the movers on duty. Everything was scheduled and in place until my inherent streak of stubbornness set in.

A few days before my scheduled move, I looked around my boxed up apartment and agreed with my family that, “we got this,” and cancelled my movers. I have no excuse except to say that sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse of an idea that sounds good in theory. And for us, it was to take on our move as some sort of torturous DIY project. For this movers, I am deeply sorry.

I will not waste your time in this letter notating every laborious moment spent, every stubbed toe or piece of furniture that was mercifully cursed at for it’s weight or odd shape. I will not recount every time the phrase “are we done yet?” was whispered or how many times a forehead had to be wiped of sweat. I will not count the hours it took to completely load the truck from the originating apartment and the utter dread we felt realizing this party wasn’t even close to over…we still had to unload.

Instead dear movers, I will take this time to apologize. To say I am sorry for not appreciating your expertise until it was too late.

I am sorry that I didn’t fully comprehend the skill level one must have to properly load a moving truck, or the teamwork needed to carry it out.

I am sorry that I underestimated the physical strength needed to lift box after box, heavy piece of furniture after heavy piece of furniture, all the while knowing there is still more pieces lurking in the background, waiting.

Movers, I thought about you a lot during the move. I missed your knowledge of elevators, of how to maneuver through narrow staircases and hallways. How despite it all, you are trained to keep going and get the job done quickly and efficiently for me, the mere customer. I secretly wished for you and instantly regretted my cancellation the minute that first fragile box was placed on the truck and even more so as we prepared our first haul up the two flights of stairs in our new building that is a walk-up.

When I move again movers, I will make it up to you. I will schedule my move ahead of time. I will thoroughly explain all the contents of my home and receive a proper estimate. I will commit to you and surrender to your knowledge of packing, lifting, and moving. I will keep my reservation.


A Future Customer


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