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Organization Tips for the Post-Holidays

Published on January 7th, 2015 by

Organization Tips for the Post-Holidays

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays have passed and we’ve welcomed the new year, it’s a perfect time to get organized. While you’re still focused on your resolutions, make plans to organize your home and put away those holiday decorations in an orderly fashion.

  1. Assess

Look at the decorations you used this year and the ones you didn’t use this year. Determine why you didn’t use some of your decorations.

  • Did you run out of room?
  • Did you change your theme/style this year?
  • Do you think you’ll use these decorations next year?
  • Did you simply just fall out of love with these decorations?

Take your unwanted decorations, box them up and give them to a family member or donate them to a charity. Someone will definitely enjoy them next year.

  1. Categorize

Separate the decorations you want to keep into categories which will determine how you store them.

  • Outside decorations
  • Tree/mantle decorations
  • Decorative items (i.e. wreaths, specialty dishware, etc.)
  • Gift wrapping items
  • Linens, etc.
  1. Storage

Ask yourself this: are your current storage bins and containers working for you? Are items spilling out or possibly getting damaged in these bins? It may be time to invest in some new storage containers. There are many products specifically designed for wreaths, gift wrap, fragile items such as ornaments, menorahs, etc. The Container Store, Target and HomeGoods are great places to find these storage containers but also check out

  • Group your decorations based on the categories you previously determined.
  • Label your containers or invest in festively colored containers – they will visually differentiate these bins from your other storage items.
  1. Store

Once you’ve organized everything, go ahead and store your items. If you’re really looking to de-clutter and free up some space in your home, visit your nearby Aaron Bros. Self Storage facility and rent a storage unit to hold your decorations along with other items. Storage units are a great way to de-clutter your everyday life with the ability to access your items you’re not ready to get rid of just yet or don’t need for the time being.

This article was written and submitted by Magnolia Atelier’s Principal Owner, Ms. Margaret Williams. Magnolia Atelier specializes in Event Planning, Marketing and Company Organization and Branding. For more information regarding their services please visit

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