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Let Aaron Bros Moving System, Inc teach you how to pack : Packing 101

Published on September 9th, 2013 by

Over our forty years in the moving industry, Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. has found that careful packing makes all the difference with your move. And although we are a full-service moving company that provides professional packing, many customers chose to be economic and pack their belongings themselves. If this is the route you prefer to go, keep in mind that well-packed household goods stand little chance of being damaged. Here is Aaron Bros.’ cheat sheet of “Packing 101”:

Packing Checklist:

  • Use boxes of adequate size and strength
  • Cushion bottom of carton and between layers when packing fragile items
  • Wrap all fragile items individually
  • Pack heavier items in lower layers, lighter items in upper layers
  • Paper cushioning absorbs shock so use generously
  • Avoid loose packing since this will allow for damage
  • Tops of the boxes should close easily without bulging, don’t overfill
  • Take care to tape both the top and bottoms of each box

Items Not to Pack:

  • Paints, thinners, oils, and varnishes
  • Ammunition and firearms
  • Bottled gas or propane
  • All flammables
  • Motor fuels and oils
  • Bleach and all aerosol cans
  • Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. by law, cannot accept hazardous materials.


Use a heavy marking pen on all boxes, listing major items and if anything is “Fragile.” Mark the boxes near the top and which room the box should go to. On boxes containing fragile items, mark “This End Up” on box top and put arrows pointing up on all four sides.

Items of Value

All stocks, bonds, currency, jewelry, furs, collectibles, insurance policies and valuable papers should be transported by you or make arrangements with your banker for their transfer.

Acceptance of Packing

For your protection, Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.’s Moving Crews are required to inspect each box tendered for transport on an Aaron Bros.’ truck. Any improperly packed box must be repacked by the mover at an additional fee, or by you. To avoid any delays, use the guidelines above.

Even if you chose to do the majority of your packing yourself, you may still want to consider having Aaron Bros. pack the more delicate items for you such as crystal, lamps, artwork, and dishware. You’ll have the peace of mind that the more expensive items you own are professionally packed while reducing your costs by doing the bulk of the job yourself. 



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