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Preparing For Your Move With Floor Plans

Published on July 1st, 2014 by

Moving can seem like a daunting task. There are so many things to think about: what mover do you hire for the job, the cost of moving, will all of your furniture fit into the new space and how will your furniture look and fit in your new home.

The key to an easy, stress-free moving process is preparing for your move with floor plans.

Once you have finalized your new home, start to think about how your furniture and items will look and fit into the space. If available, get floor plans from the leasing agent or realtor. Floor plans can make your life easier. If floor plans are not available and you have access to the home prior to your move, grab a notepad, pen and tape measure and get all of the room dimensions. Now what?

Whether you have been provided floor plans or drawing your own, there’s a new online tool which can create floor plans for you. Enter FloorPlanner. You can create floor plans for your multi-level home, condo or studio apartment. You simply create an account (there are free account options), set up your project, enter dimensions and now you have a basic unfurnished floor plan. Choose from their furniture gallery with thousands of items and drag them into place. You have the ability to rotate items to fit the space and once completed, the plans can be saved as PDF format and can be accessed via your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

The use of floor plans for your new home can assist you in deciding on which furniture you can keep prior to your move, help determine if you need to purchase new items and can also be helpful if provided to your movers on the day of.

Do yourself a favor and eliminate the stress by planning ahead! Check out FloorPlanner and get started preparing for your move with floor plans.

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This article was written and submitted by Magnolia Atelier’s Principal Owner, Ms. Margaret Williams. Magnolia Atelier specializes in Event Planning, Marketing and Company Organization and Branding. For more information regarding their services or help preparing for your move with floor plans please visit


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