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Re-purposing Old Items

Published on May 6th, 2013 by

Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. knows you’ll come to us for secure self-storage . But what about those household and personal items that have become nonessentials? Here are some creative tips on how to Re-purposing Old Items or reuse those belongings.

Old Wine Glasses

Wine glasses can be recycled into candle holders. Either use alone with a singular votive candle or tea light for an elegant look, or add a vellum mini lamp shade for a more whimsical centerpiece.

Old Boots or Shoes

Finally the time has come for Chicago to put away our winter shoes! Instead of burying them away in your closet, why not turn them into rustic planters for your front porch or garden?! Line the shoe with a plastic bag and staple into place. Poke holes through the sole of the shoe to allow for drainage, add nutrient rich soil, your seed or plant of choice, and suddenly you have a chic planter.


Old CD and DVD discs can be turned into wall pop art by stringing together with invisible fishing line. Poke a small hole through the top of one disc and thread with fishing line. Repeat this step adding four or more discs, creating a strand. Next, cluster together on a large wall to create a retro piece of art. For even more fun, why not display your musical or theatrical taste by placing the discs graphic-side forward.

Old Wrapping Paper or Scrapbook Paper

Instead of tossing end-of-the-roll wrapping paper or loose pages of scrap book paper, why not frame for a contemporary look to your photo gallery! They can also be used as matting for your favorite photos to add a unique look.

Wine Corks

Gather old wine corks to create a modern cork board for your home or office. This can be done by purchasing a recessed picture frame and hot gluing the corks inside to fit the space.

Milk Crates

Multiple milk crates can become a cubicle when connected by heavy-duty, plastic cable ties. Stack the crates high or wide and use for storage in an office, dorm, or playroom.


All the shoe boxes, empty paper rolls, and used food containers have the ability to turn into pieces of “art” when given to children to use as basic materials. If you have kids, equip them with these items, tape, and a pair of scissors and watch what their imaginations can invent.

With a little creativity you can upcycle almost anything!




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