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Self-Storage Is The Perfect Solution To A Change Of “Move-In” Date

Published on September 30th, 2013 by

Sometimes when you and your family are getting ready to move into your new house unforeseen issues can arise that prevent you from relocating all of your belongings. And if you have to move out of your old apartment or house by an expected date, this can be extremely frustrating.

Perhaps the flooring, plumbing, or electricity needs to be repaired or walls need to be properly patched and painted. Moving is stressful as is and a halt on your progress is enough to send anyone into full panic mode and add a few grey hairs to your head. But instead of worrying about both the timeline of your new home and your belongings, opt for short-term self-storage at one of our Southside self-storage facilities.

Self-storage is the perfect solution for when things out of your realm of control happen. We will never ask you to sign a long-term contract and will move you in and out of the facility of choice whatever day of the month you need. And you can rest assure that your belongings will be securely kept as you work to get your new home “move-in” ready.

Other resources that Aaron Bros. offers to help ease the stress of a delayed move-in are U Haul rentals and our full-service moving services. With our company, you can rent a U Haul truck from your location of choice and return the U Haul truck at the same place. There’s no need to make additional trips and our knowledgeable staff will pair you with the storage size you need. Or, if your looking for more help, our movers are more than willing (and happy to!) supply packing material, properly pack your belongings, and move you into storage and back out again when your new home is ready.

The most important thing to keep in mind if your moving-in date changes unexpectedly is there are options to preserve your sanity and a helping team of professional movers and storers to help during the “in-between” phase.



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