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Six Tips for Office Organization

Published on July 17th, 2013 by

Office organization can be the key ingredient to a successful work environment. A clear, clutter-free desk absent of distractions can make anyone’s day more successful and stress-free. One work day sorting through what is a necessity and what can be put aside, either in a storage unit or in the trash can, can make all the difference in your productivity.

1) To begin your crusade against office clutter, begin with organizing all the paperwork that tends to stack daily on your work space. Between messages, junk mail, bills, and files there is a lot going on that can overwhelm any office savvy person.  Roll up your sleeves and sort through all of this “stuff!” Get rid of all paperwork that is no longer relative to your daily work routine. We recommend investing in a smaller size paper shredder so as you go through your documents, you can dispose of vital personal and business information correctly and safely.

Note–Self-storage is the perfect option for files, legal documents, financial information, and other important paper work that you may need to keep for extended periods of time.

2) Once you whittle down that paperwork, create appropriate folders for all of your documents. Get a label maker and start making folders for everything from bills, to paid bills, to project folders. Group like items together. You will be more organized and more apt to stay organized when everything has its place.

3) Invest in an in-office storage solution like a filing cabinet. Don’t forget to purchase folder dividers as well so you can alphabetize the above labeled folders you have made. Create whatever system that works for you but try to keep like documents close together within the system for easy access.

4) A dry-erase board or a push-pin board is a cheap, effective way to stay on top of to-do lists, important documents, schedules, or whatever else you may need to see visually everyday. By purchasing something you hang on the wall you are eliminating the urge to place things on your desk and creating a focal point for your office walls. For current projects, try desk trays or a simple desk-size file sorter.

5) Remove all items from your desk and give it a good wipe down! Dust and wipe your computer, keyboard, and mouse and place only essential items like your stapler, pencil holder, and coffee cup back on your newly clean work space.

6) Keep up your newly found clutter-free routine by disregarding or filing paperwork, bills, and other important documentation as soon as you receive it. Utilize your wall organizer as a system of accessible information and desk organizers for current projects.

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