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Tips for Relocating to Chicago from Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc.

Published on June 21st, 2013 by

Chicago can be a great place to relocate for young adults, professionals, singles, and families. With a city known for it’s architect, public parks, lakefront views, diverse neighborhoods and rich cultures, there is something here for everyone. As a proud Chicago-based moving company since 1969,  Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. would like to take a moment to highlight some tips and resources to those thinking of relocating to the “Windy City.”


Does Chicago have neighborhoods?! Yes, and there are a ton that all have something appealing about them. Do some research! Utilize neighborhood and city guides and definitely spend a day investigating the neighborhoods you have in mind. There is the North Side, West Side, and South Side. South Loop, West Loop and the Loop, not to mention the suburbs! Just keep in mind that the closer you are to downtown and the Lakefront, the higher your rent or mortgage will be.

Apartment Living

If you’re living in Chicago for the first time, chances are you are moving into an apartment in that perfect neighborhood. One thing you want to make sure to do is coordinate with your new apartment building available move-in times and schedule elevator use times. Most high-rise apartment buildings have either a freight elevator or service elevator that can be shut down for personal use, but only during a reserved time.


Once your apartment is unpacked and you find yourself with more items than you have space for, we offer secure self-storage at four locations. Trust us, you’ll need it!


Parking within Chicago is quite difficult which makes public transportation a must. Chicago has many public bus routes, trains, and our railway system known as the “L.” The “L” will take you directly downtown and runs to many neighborhoods and suburbs. Purchasing transportation passes and cards from the Chicago Transit Authority can help you save money.

Street Grid System

If you can afford to move with your car, true Chicagoans are going to tell you how the city streets are set-up on a grid system. Listen to them! The center of the Chicago street grid is at the intersection of State and Madison Streets in the heart of downtown.  The addresses on all east-west streets begin with “east” or “west,” depending on whether they fall east/west of State Street.  Likewise, the addresses on all north/south streets start with the words “north” or “south,” depending on whether they fall north or south of Madison Street. The address numbers increase or decrease depending on their distance in miles from the State and Madison axis lines.


If you are a family moving to Chicago–or planning on starting a family in the city–be prepared for the headache of navigating the school systems. There are public and private; charter schools and ones your child can test into and so on and so on. But don’t worry! There are a lot of helpful resources to get you started sorting out the best educational options for you and your family. Look for a website that display an overview of all Chicago schools and parent/community rankings on each school.


Looking for intrastate movers? Contact Aaron Bros. Moving System, Inc. for professional movers who will get you and your valuables to your dream Chicago neighborhood efficiently.

Moving yourself? We can also help with unloading PODS and/or moving trucks.




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